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    Our Goal:

    At Broad Biography, we aim to bring the world together, inspire each other by sharing and reading each other’s stories, and be inclusive with our content. We emphasize more friendly, optimistic content with a professional touch that can reach people’s hearts and touch their lives.

    Our Topic Categories:

    1. Biographies of professionals worldwide, including celebrities, sportspeople, doctors, scientists, lawyers, activists, educators, businesspeople, politicians, authors, creators, and more.
    1. Net worth of celebrities, businesspeople, creators, scientists, and many others showcasing how they build their net worth and what they do to maintain and give back! What did they focus on despite different circumstances to be where they are currently?
    1. Real-life stories about various topics, where individuals share their experiences of both success and failure. These stories provide valuable insights and ideas that others can learn from and apply to their lives to achieve success.
    1. Our interests also lie in various topics, such as the history and culture of all countries around the globe. We aim to provide insightful information about each country’s traditions, religions, lifestyles, festivals, and other aspects.
    1. Variety of other topics, including Life Tips, Relationships, entertainment, lifestyle, Success Stories, Health, fitness, and Creative articles in any category. 

    Writing Guidelines

    1. Write with clarity and be concise, focusing on delivering your message effectively. Avoid excessive jargon, convoluted sentences, or ambiguous language that may confuse the readers.
    1. Please read through some of the previous articles to understand our writing style and tone. Take note of the language, used level of formality, and the overall tone of the content.
    1. It is essential to be truthful and genuine and to allow your unique personality to shine through in your writing. Plagiarism is strictly restricted.
    1. Share your knowledge and expertise on the topic in a credible and informative manner, avoiding excessive self-promotion. Utilize reliable sources, statistics, and examples to support your arguments and provide value to your audience.
    1. We encourage discussing controversial topics, but please refrain from using sensationalism.
    2. Don’t write about your subject if you wouldn’t say it in person.
    3. Your narrative should aim to assist your audience.
    4. Please ensure your writing is intelligent and well-crafted, but avoid using vulgar or sarcastic language.
    5. Ensure that the headlines and primary images are appropriate for a work environment.
    1. When writing guest articles, it’s essential to adjust your voice and tone to fit the structure and length of the piece.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. We only accept guest articles on the mentioned niches our site entertains. The article should provide helpful information with links.
    1. The article shouldn’t stand out like an advertisement or convey a marketing message regarding any product or company
    2. to our readers.
    3. Please note that we cannot accept articles related to casinos, gambling, betting, or adult content.
    4. A well-written article should be easy to understand, readable, and free of grammar errors.
    5. Your article needs to have a minimum word count of 1000.
    6. Your article must be entirely original and free of any plagiarism.
    7. When writing articles based on sources, please cite the authentic source. Additionally, ensure that no content that could humiliate or hurt anyone’s sentiments is included.
    8. You have the option to include up to two images that are relevant to the content and source.
    9. To use featured and content images, we require pictures that are original and free of copyright.
    10. Your article will receive a permanent backlink positioned in or after the second paragraph. We do not offer backlinks within the first paragraph in Broad Biography.
    11. Before sending any guest posts to our site, please note that you will not be considered a member of our content team or the company. By agreeing to our terms, you simply agree to send us your content for publication.
    12. Broad Biography has the authority to accept or reject the posts you submit.
    13. After publishing your original content on Broad Biography, please refrain from republishing it elsewhere. However, feel free to promote your work by sharing links on your blog or social media accounts.
    14. Our team of editors is carefully reviewing all submissions. You will receive an email notification within ten days of submitting your story to inform you of its acceptance status.

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