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    Discover 5 Shocking Things About 1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton Husband and Their On-Going Divorce


    By Marshall - Nov 20, 2023 | Updated On: 20 November, 2023 | 3 min read

    By Marshall , 3 min read - Nov 20, 2023

    Updated On: 20 November, 2023

    1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton Husband. Image Credit: Instagram.

  • 1000-Lb. Sisters is a decorated TV show that is loved by millions of viewers worldwide for the gutsy undertakings of the Slaton sisters against their hyper obesity. Amy Slaton and her husband were two of the most loved prospects from the entire series.

    Rather, the TLC duo dropped bombshells on their fans around the globe when 1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton husband filed for divorce on March 13, 2023. Amidst their split, we’re here to give you five shocking insights on Amy Slaton’s husband and their relationship timeline.

    5. High-School Bae Turned Husband

    1000-Lb Sisters Amy Slaton met her ex-husband during their high school days. In addition, Amy and her spark grew up in the same hometown of Dixon, Kentucky. The pair romanced for multiple years before jointly deciding to take their chemistry to a newer height.

  • As a result, Amy Slaton and her then-lover, Michael Halterman, eloped in 2017. Although they kickstarted their coupling in a hasty manner, the duo finally made it to the altar two years later and shared wedding vows lawfully.

    The supportive nature of Halterman was highly appreciated by the viewers; however, after sharing years of milestones with his wife, Amy, in 2023, he concluded the split as abruptly as they eloped.

    4. Amy Slaton’s Ex-Husband’s Profession

    Despite rising to fame through featuring in 1000-Lb Sisters, not many people know Michael Halterman’s job. But worry not because we got you covered with insights on his profession.

    The 1000-lb Sisters protagonist’s ex-beau works as a mill operator at Shamrock Technologies. He is from Sturgis, Kentucky, and started working as an operator early on before featuring in his ex-wife’s TLC docu-series.

  • 1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton Husband

    1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton Husband. Image Credit: Instagram.

    However, aside from working at the Shamrock, 1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton husband, Michael, also has his YouTube channel, where he used to post snippets from his and Amy’s lifestyle. The channel has been dormant for over a year now, and the last video was uploaded after the death of their dog, Littlebit. Apart from this, he used to stream walkthroughs of Lego Star Wars on his YouTube once in a while.

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    3. Silent Fights Between Amy and Michael

    The news of untold fights between Twilightqueen and her husband, Halterman, broke prior to their court visits. According to close sources, the tension between the pair began over the decision to whether or not to feature their children in the family TV series.

    Amy wanted her newborns to share the screen with TLC like every other close associate of hers. However, Michael insisted otherwise. The fight between the two continued for months as the TLC star’s then-husband showed no remorse and stood firm in his disagreement to star their sons on-screen.

  • 1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton Husband

    1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton Husband. Image Credit: Instagram.

    The altercations started getting so heated up that Halterman received backlashes from Amy’s family, calling him “lazy” and “jealous” of the infant care. He then decided to take it to court, but before that came horrible news that left 1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton’s fans stunned.

    2. Amy Dials Up 911! Altercation in “1000-Lb Sisters” House

    On Friday, February 24, 2023, Kentucky EPDs received a dispatch about a scary fight induced in resident Amy Slaton’s home. The baseline was that Michael got aggressive and started throwing things while their kids, Glenn Allen Halterman (two years old) and Gage Deon Halterman (eight months), were inside the premises.

    1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton Husband

    1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton Husband. Image Credit: Instagram.

    However, as per the field officer, neither Amy nor Michael were under the influence of any kind of drugs or alcohol, and no arrest was made. The report further read that the couple were fighting over their split because Michael was skeptical about commemorating a divorce.

    Although the altercation ended with no damages whatsoever, it created an irreparable rift between the TLC’s Twilightqueen and her ex-husband. As a result, Amy moved out of their shared home along with her children to live with sister Tammy Slaton.

  • 1. 1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton Husband Divorce and Protective Order

    In the aftermath of the violent altercation, Amy headed to court and filed a domestic violence case that was ruled over after ten days. Rather, the judge inclined towards an order of protection that granted the custody of the kids to Amy. However, Michael could still meet his kids without any physical discipline and was supervised by Amy and her sister.

    As of today, Amy, as a single mother, is struggling emotionally with the custody of both Gage and Glenn. Moreover, the 1000-lb Sisters star shared that she initially felt overwhelmed as the timeline of mishaps was so rapid and things were falling apart one after another.

    The TLC docu-series fans patiently await the arrival of the new season so that they can access recent updates from Amy Slaton.

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