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    Russ Raybould Biography: An Extraordinary Life of A Grocery Industry Innovator And Founder of B&R Stores


    By Max - Jun 26, 2023 | Updated On: 02 July, 2023 | 3 min read

    By Max , 3 min read - Jun 26, 2023

    Updated On: 02 July, 2023

    Russ Raybould Biography. Image Source: Social Media

  • Russ Raybould, the late founder of B&R Stores, was nationally known as the leader in the independent grocery business. Russ co-founded B&R Stores with Clayton Burnett in 1964.

    The company has been active in several cities around Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri, with over 2000 employees serving the communities.

    Raybould’s 50-year journey of independent retail innovation, leadership, and sheer dedication made him an icon in the business industry. To know more about his story, his ups and downs, and his story of success and struggle, continue reading Russ Raybould biography.

  • Early Life, Merchant Marine, and Grocery

    Russell Ward Raybould was born on December 7, 1921, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Raybould served in the U.S. Merchant Marine during the second world war.

    Afterward, he received a bachelor’s degree from Creighton University in Nebraska.

    Raybould developed an interest in the business industry, always reading trade magazines. During the late 50s, the salt lake city native moved to Lincoln and, in 1964, opened his first grocery store.

    Founding B&R Stores

    Raybould and Clayton Burnet, a former colleague, founded the company in May 1964. Both were employees of Safeway, a supermarket chain.

  • They named it B&R Stores after acquiring a tiny local grocery store in South Lincoln, Nebraska.

    Russ Raybould Biography

    Russ Raybould biography. Image Source: Social Media

    Under Raybould’s supervision and direction, the grocery stores steadily expanded to become the biggest independent grocer in the region.

    The same small store has become the region’s largest, most prominent employee-owned grocery chain.

    As of 2023, B&R Inc includes 33 stores under the Russ’s Market, Super Saver, and Apple Market banners in Nebraska and Iowa. In addition, half of the employees are part owners.

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    Russ Raybould’s Wife and Children

    Russ Raybould met his wife, Anita Raybould, in the early 50s in Omaha, Nebraska. The store owner was studying at Creighton, while the love of his life was a student at Duchesne College.

    Like her husband, Anita was also interested in business.

    Raybould’s wife, Anita, worked for the Union Pacific Railroad and enjoyed a decent career there. Post her marriage; she served on the board of directors of B&R Stores.

  • Likewise, Anita was a member of Retail Women’s Grocers of America.

    Russ Raybould Biography

    Russ Raybould and his wife, Anita Raybould. Image Source: Social Media

    Sadly, Raybould’s wife Anita passed away on January 4, 2016.

    The B&R store’s owner and his wife welcomed three children: two sons and a daughter.

    The couple’s eldest son, Dr. Michael Raybould, is an internal medicine specialist based in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Their second son, Patrick Raybould, serves as the President/Chairman of B&R Stores Inc.

    Similarly, the third child, daughter Jane Michele Raybould, is a Nebraska State senator and helps in her family business.

    All three children are happily married and are successful in their respective careers.

    Business Transition to the Next Generation

    Patrick currently serves as the president of Nebraska-based B&R Stores. In an interview, the store owner dedicated the success to his father and described him as an inspirational man.

  • Also, Russ first turned to his son to expand the business across the region.

    Similarly, Jane is a member of the Nebraska Legislature and serves as a vice chairman and director of buildings and equipment for her grocery business.

    Jane and her husband, Jose “Pepe” Herrero, have two children, Clara Raybould Herrero and Gabriel Raybould Herrero.

    Unlike Pat and Jane, Raybould’s eldest son, Michael, is involved in the health industry. The first child of B&R Stores’ owner currently resides in Kansas City.

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    Russ Raybould’s Legacy: An Icon in the Retail Grocery Business

    After serving 50 years in the retail grocery business, Russ retired in the 1997s. The B&R Stores Russ Raybould founder died on September 13, 2014, at age 92, thus ending the chapters on Russ Raybould Biography.

    Friends and families described Russ Raybould as a passionate man who put his vision into action. Likewise, he had an eye for identifying honest people he hired for his companies.

    Russ Raybould Biography

    Russ Raybould became the IGA Retailer of the year in 1997. Image Source: Social Media

    In 1997, Russ was named IGA International Retailer of the Year. He was on the original board of the Food Bank of Lincoln.

  • Similarly, he was an active member of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and part of the Knights of Columbus.

    Almost 60 years ago, B&R stores competed with several family-owned grocery stores.

    If we look at the present day, the company has acquired several stores and is one of the grocery retail icons of Nebraska.

    B&R’s peak revenue was $422 million in 2021 and $380 million in 2022. The company continues to grow and has been acquiring stores around its region every year.

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