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    Ellis Genge Biography: Meet England’s Prop and Rugby Powerhouse


    By Marshall - Nov 1, 2023 | Updated On: 01 November, 2023 | 5 min read

    By Marshall , 5 min read - Nov 1, 2023

    Updated On: 01 November, 2023

    Ellis Genge Biography. Image Credit: Stefano Delfrate.

  • The rugby arena trembles in the wake of Ellis Genge, a titan whose commanding presence and unyielding resolve have cemented his status as one of England’s most prodigious talents.

    As a prop, Ellis wields not only physical might but also unparalleled skill on the field. Ellis Genge biography delves deep into the remarkable life and extraordinary career of the English professional, unveiling his humble origins while chronicling his meteoric rise to become an indomitable force within English rugby.

    Early Life and Rugby Beginnings

    Ellis Genge’s journey to becoming a rugby powerhouse is one marked by his innate athleticism, unwavering determination, and undeniable physicality. Growing up in Bristol on the Knowle West council estate, Genge was immersed in a family that held a deep passion for the sport. At the tender age of twelve, he took his first steps onto the rugby field as part of Old Redcliffians‘ back row.

  • With each passing year, Genge honed his skills and developed into an exceptional player. At sixteen years old, he made a pivotal move to Hartpury College, where he not only found success but also had the privilege of captaining their victorious rugby team in the AASE league. During this time, Genge proudly donned England’s colors at various youth levels ranging from U17 all the way up to U20.

    Ellis Genge Biography

    Ellis Genge Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    It was under Bobby Walsh‘s guidance as England’s former youth coach that fate intervened and forever altered Genge’s path. Initially considered as an additional option for front-row play across scrums and lineouts, little did anyone know that this introduction would prove transformative for him personally and professionally.

    As we look at Ellis Genge today – admired for his raw talent and indomitable spirit – it becomes evident that these early experiences helped mold him into the rugby powerhouse he is today.

    Rising Through the Ranks and Professional Career

    The Beginning at Bristol

    In 2013, Ellis Genge embarked on his professional rugby journey with Bristol Rugby Club, now famously known as Bristol Bears. It was in the English Championship that he marked his entrance into the world of elite rugby.

  • Ellis Genge Biography

    Ellis Genge Biography. Image Credit: Stefano Delfrate.

    Genge experienced the thrill of stepping onto the field for a first-team match during an intense clash against Gala in the British and Irish Cup, where he left an indelible mark by scoring a try to contribute towards their decisive victory. Not limiting himself to domestic success alone, Genge also showcased his skills on RFU Championship stages while representing Bristol.

    Leicester Tigers

    Fast forward to 2016, when Genge’s talents were recognized by Leicester Tigers, who signed him on loan. Though it seemed like just a fleeting opportunity at first, fate had bigger plans for this rising star.

    Making an unforgettable impression within only two games played under Leicester’s banner – one being their final league bout and another in contention for Premiership glory – Genge swiftly found himself receiving his maiden England call-up as a reward for his noteworthy performances.

    Without wasting any time whatsoever, Genge made his international debut merely days after answering England’s beckoning call- facing off against a new formidable opponent, Wales.

  • Achievements at Leicester

    Genge’s rise to prominence began in the 2016-17 season when he established himself as a key player for Leicester. Making his mark in 28 games and notching up an impressive four tries, Genge’s contributions did not go unnoticed. In fact, they earned him the prestigious title of Young Player of the Year at Leicester Tigers.

    Building on this success, Ellis demonstrated his prowess once again in the following season by featuring prominently in 29 matches and scoring five tries – a testament to his consistent performance on the field. Such outstanding achievements certainly placed him among some of the best players in the Premiership, as he secured a well-deserved spot in its Team of The Season.

    Ellis Genge Biography

    Ellis Genge Biography. Image Credit: Stefano Delfrate.

    Embracing new challenges with determination and passion, Genge took over temporary captaincy duties for Leicester during their campaign in 2018-19. Leading from within, he steered his team towards a remarkable triumph: their first Premiership victory since 2012. As recognition for yet another stellar season, Genge was recognized once more by being named into Rugby Football Union’s domestic club competition’s Team Of The Season – making it two times that such honor has come upon the rugby athlete.

    Promotion To Captain and Returning Home

    In the 2019-20 campaign, Genge took on the role of Leicester’s permanent captain and guided them to a respectable ninth-place finish in the Premiership. This marked his third inclusion in the Premiership Team of the Season.

  • Under Genge’s leadership during the 2020-21 season, Leicester clinched their first Premiership title in almost a decade. Remarkably, he secured his fourth spot in the prestigious Premiership Team of the Season.

    Ellis Genge Biography

    Ellis Genge Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Moving into the 2021-22 season, Genge made a switch from Leicester to Bristol Bears, representing his hometown club. He enjoyed an impressive tenure with Bristol as they advanced all the way to claim a spot in the Premiership final. Once again displaying exceptional form, he earned his fifth selection for Premiership Team of The Season.

    Genge has firmly established himself among one of world rugby’s finest loosehead props, renowned for being both fiercely dynamic with ball possession and consistently effective at gaining the ground advantage. In addition, his strong leadership skills serve as an inspiration and set an example for younger players within rugby circles globally.

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  • International Success

    Ellis Genge’s exceptional talent and boundless potential captivated the attention of the England national team, leading to his highly anticipated debut for the senior side in 2016.

    Since then, he has emerged as an indispensable pillar within the ranks of the England squad, renowned not only for his imposing presence in scrums but also for his unwavering work ethic displayed on every inch of the field.

    The Rugby World Cups of both 2019 and 2023 showcased Genge’s immense capabilities as a player. In 2019, he played a pivotal role in propelling England to reach sublime heights by securing their place in that year’s final clash. Likewise, during their journey towards claiming third place four years later at France’s global sporting extravaganza, his contributions were once again instrumental.


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    In addition to his impressive rugby career, Genge has also made significant contributions to the Six Nations Championships. He has participated in four championships, namely, 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2023. Notably, he played a crucial role in helping England secure victory in the championship held in 2020.

  • Genge has established himself as a key prop for England by consistently delivering strong performances. He is widely respected and admired in English rugby, known for his dedication to the sport and the unwavering support of his teammates. Ellis Genge biography serves as an inspiration to young players, proving that with perseverance and determination, any goal can be achieved.

    Personal Life and Other Endeavors

    Genge’s unique background reflects the blending of different cultures and heritages. With a White British father and an African-American maternal grandfather, he embraces a rich tapestry of identity.

    In addition to his diverse heritage, Genge faces the challenges posed by developmental coordination disorder, also known as dyspraxia. Dyspraxia is a condition that affects the ability to coordinate movement, where there may be disruptions in the communication between the brain and muscles.

    Stepping into fatherhood in September 2020, Genge welcomed his first son, Ragh Ellis Genge, a cherished son who brings immeasurable joy into his world. Several of his England teammates have expressed their congratulations, with Manu Tuilagi affectionately referring to the newborn as the “Real baby Rhino.” For those unaware, Ellis is nicknamed “Baby Rhino” because of his playstyle.

  • Ellis Genge Net Worth

    Ellis Genge Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Although prizing privacy when it comes to personal matters, he prioritizes familial bonds and cherishes quality moments spent alongside both his girlfriend and their son. The identity of Ellis Genge’s girlfriend is unknown, but we do know that she is Welsh.

    Ellis is also the owner of SYN Collective, a fitness improvement program that includes gym, classes, merch, and more. Moreover, Ellis is also involved in Baby Rhino, a brand that allows young athletes to build skills during school breaks alongside rugby.

    Talking about Ellis Genge’s net worth, the actual amount varies from website to website, but his salary is around $500K, so his net worth can be estimated to be high as well.

    Beyond private matters, Genge channels his passion towards advocating for social justice issues that resonate deeply within him. Shining light on important topics such as racism, homophobia, and mental health awareness resonates strongly within him – utilizing not only sports but also powerful platforms to initiate meaningful change.

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