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    Discover David Moinina Sengeh Net Worth: An Astouning Revelation


    By Leo - Oct 10, 2023 | Updated On: 12 October, 2023 | 3 min read

    By Leo , 3 min read - Oct 10, 2023

    Updated On: 12 October, 2023

    David Moinina Sengeh Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

  • If there is someone who can be called the definition of success, it is none other than the Sierra Leonean politician David Moinina Sengeh. Sengeh’s journey from a brilliant student to the national assembly of Sierra Leone is nothing short of inspiring and motivating. He has found success in every field he has been part of, including teaching, business, and politics.

    Today, we will talk about the finances of this Forbes 30 under 30 personality and find out how much money he has collected over the years working as a politician and a tech expert. So, let’s discover David Moinina Sengeh net worth.

    Brief Overview About the Politician

    • David was born in a small city called Bo in Sierra Leone to his father, Paul Sengeh, and his mother, Elizabeth Sengeh. After completing his secondary education in his home country, he went to Norway for further education.
    • Moinina graduated from the UWC Red Cross Nordic College after receiving a scholarship to study at the institution.
    • The Bo native attended the prestigious Harvard University to study biomedical engineering, where he researched aerosolized vaccines for tuberculosis and graduated in 2010.
    • Sengeh has also appeared in Ted Conferences twice in 2014 and 2015, where he spoke about innovation and inspiration with his wife, Kate Krontiris. Similarly, he has also given a speech at the NextEinstein Forum.

    Startups And Teaching: Initial Earning Experience

    Before entering politics, David gained experience in multiple fields outside Sierra Leone in order to build himself to give something back to his country. For instance, he founded Lebone Solutions when he was a student at Harvard.

  • A social venture called Lebone Solutions, Inc. specializes in off-grid energy and lighting technology. The company wants to end Africa’s energy and lighting crises and raise awareness of “Dirt Power” worldwide. The Sierra Leonian national looked after the company until his graduation in 2010 as a co-founder.

    Lebone has won $200,000 from the World Bank to create microbial fuel cells in Africa.

    David Moinina Sengeh Net Worth

    David Moinina Sengeh Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Furthermore, David completed his master’s and Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked as an Instructor at the institution as a tutor for developing world prostheses with DLab.

    Similarly, Sengeh also worked as an Instructor at Harvard, teaching Elementary Krio to a class of 9 students.

  • Also, the politician founded Global Minimum Inc. in 2006 and sat on the position of President of the Board until November 2019 before beginning his journey as a politician for the Government of Sierra Leone.

    David Moinina Sengeh Net Worth

    David Moinina Sengeh Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

    The Harvard graduate was also employed at IBM Africa as a Research Scientist and Research Manager until his inclusion in politics. David Moinina Sengeh net worth must have been highly influenced by his participation in multiple companies and educational institutions.

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    Entering Politics: Giving Back to His Country

    David was appointed as the Chief Innovation Officer of Freetown, Sierra Leone, in August 2018. He directly reported to the president of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio.

  • David Moinina Sengeh Net Worth

    David Moinina Sengeh Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Similarly, in November 2019, the chief innovation officer was appointed as the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education. He served in the position until July 2023.

    David Moinina Sengeh net worth will increase even more as he has been appointed as the Chief Minister of Sierra Leone since July 2023. He is working closely with the head of state to improve his country’s economic growth.

    What is David Moinina Sengeh Net Worth?

    Even though David has had a successful career up until now, his exact wealth is still undisclosed. The Sierra Leonian minister has not divulged his bank information to the public.

    But, in 2014, David was awarded the Lamelson-MIT Prize worth $500,000 and has worked in companies such as IBM. Thus, he must have accumulated a decent amount of money in his bank account.

  • Furthermore, he was also selected as one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2014 and was awarded Young Africans Committed to Excellence in the same year. We wish him all the best in his regime as the Chief Minister of Sierra Leone.


    Q: What is David Moinina Sengeh’s alma mater?

    A: David is a Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate.

  • Q: What does David Moinina Sengeh do?

    A: David Moinina Sengeh is the Chief Minister of Sierra Leone.

    Q: Is David Moinina Sengeh Married?

    A: Yes, David Moinina Sengeh is married to his beautiful wife Kate Krontiris.

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