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    Top 5 Must-Know Facts About Vasilisa Kaganovskaya Dating Life: What’s Her Relation With Valeriy Angelopol?


    By Rayan - Aug 20, 2023 | Updated On: 21 August, 2023 | 4 min read

    By Rayan , 4 min read - Aug 20, 2023

    Updated On: 21 August, 2023

    Vasilisa Kaganovskaya dating life. Image Source: Instagram.

  • Vasilisa Kaganovskaya made a name for herself in the world of figure skating at a very young age via her grace, precision, and artistry, accompanied by a special fusion of creativity and professionalism. Her every movement on the ice is like applying brushstrokes on a canvas that has weaved tales of passion.

    The mind to remember impeccable choreography and intricate footwork and blossom out the captivating synergy with her partners has made the Russian dancer supreme on ice. Her dance has the capability to spread magic across the rink when she gets intrigued by the rhythmic cadence of the music. Vasilisa’s sheer artistry of being an artist from an athlete when she takes the ice as her stage is one of the most iconic things.

    Such mesmerizing performance definitely requires lots of practice and training to perfect the craft. However, she has another life off the ice where she can be another version of herself, crafting relationships and connections. So, this article will delve into her life off the rink and enchanting stories about Vasilisa Kaganovskaya dating life.

  • 5. How She Became One of The Top Stars?

    The Russian ice dancer was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on October 14, 2005. The talented ice dancer started skating in 2008 when she was three. Her dedication and countless hours of practice have helped her to be such a talented and skillful person today. 

    Currently, the ice dancer is learning to enhance her skills at Moscow Figure Skating Academy School under the care of coach Angelika Krylova. Prior to this, she joined Megasport SC Olympic School, Saint Petersburg. 

    Vasilisa has shown her graceful moves with the synchronization of other skills and won the silver medal at the 2021 JGP Slovakia. Additionally, she won a silver medal at the 2021 Russian Junior the same year.

    Finally, in 2023, the ice beauty excelled all her skills and won the 2023 Russian Grand Prix Final championship. This clearly showed her potential on the ice rink and will definitely captivate the mind of the audience in the coming days with her elegance, artistry, and storytelling movements.

  • 4. Abilities And Skills: Her Most Powerful Move

    One of the most vital points about Vasilisa that her partner described is her ability to fumble in music. The Russian ice dancer has learned music so she can come up with ideas quickly on how to collaborate with her partner in rhythm.

    The ability to quickly grab momentum has developed in her since she joined the Moscow school. Her habit of self-improvement and motivation to improve every day sets her apart from others.

    Vasilisa Kaganovskaya dating life.

    Vasilisa Kaganovskaya dating life. Image Source: Instagram.

    Moreover, she is considered the face of Valeriy and Vasilisa couple, so the pressure on her is even more intense. But she never shows it in her expression on the rink. This clearly shows her professionalism as an artist and athlete.

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  • 3. How is Valeriy Angelopol Related to Her?

    Ice skating is all about a partnership where both partners need to have trust in each other and dance in rhythm to one another. Moreover, dance twirls, twists, and spins need communication and synchronization to make it look like a piece of art.

    Vasilisa was partnered with Valeriy Angelopol in 2019. This pair has been one of the favorites among fans over time, showcasing chemistry in their exceptional performances. Together this pair has achieved many accolades proving their prominence in ice dancing.

    Vasilisa Kaganovskaya dating life.

    Vasilisa Kaganovskaya dating life. Image Source: Social Media.

    After knowing each other for five years, the Russian skater thinks of her partner as a straightforward person who is unafraid to say what he feels. Valeriy is one of the people she can trust and tell about everything at the rink or off the rink. Additionally, she said in an interview how she could tell him even the most terrible things, but Kaganovskaya knows for a fact that he will never betray her.

    Moreover, Vasilisa believes that Valeriy is the best partner she could ever have. Sometimes, the Russian ice skater would throw her homework to her partner, and Valreiy would go to the subway and do the homework. During training, they blurt out things out of anger and frustration, but later, when they reconciled, they would clear out all things.

  • 2. Social Media Clues: Vasilisa Kaganovskaya Dating Life

    In the world of digitalization, when it comes to relationships with someone, it is important to analyze what their social media speaks about them. 

    Vasilisa Kaganovskaya’s social media is like a book where she has safely stored her accomplishments, vacations, and fun moments. Most of her posts are work-related, so it is very obvious to have Valeriy Angelopol in them. 

    Recently on August 2, she shared an adorable post celebrating her fifth anniversary with her dance partner Valeriy and explained briefly how they had gone together through fire, water, and copper pipes, i.e., a tough time in their career.

    Vasilisa Kaganovskaya dating life.

    Vasilisa Kaganovskaya dating life. Image Source: Instagram.

    But, this 5-year anniversary does not describe Vasilisa Kaganovskaya dating life but describes how much she has worked hard to achieve all the accolades alongside her dance partner. More than that, there is no clue about Vasilisa Kaganovskaya relationship.

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    1. Rumors And Truth: A Big Illusion

    Valeriy and Vasilisa are one of the couples that fans ship the most and genuinely want to see turning into the real couple. Moreover, there are many photos and videos on social media where they both are seen hugging and embracing each other. Fans are really liking those moments and sharing them with many edited videos.

    Moreover, their chemistry and charm on the ice cannot be denied. Additionally, the way they interact with each other on comments sites on social media adds fuel to the fire. 

    However, as per some sources, Vasilisa has denied their dating rumor during the Q&A session on her social media. Additionally, there are many rumors of Valeriy dating another ice skater. 

  • So, it is very hard to tell whether both of them are dating each other, but one thing can be said: they are good friends that have set the ice stage on fire. 


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