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    Emilia Fazzalari Biography: Get To Know The Co-Founder of Cincoro Tequila


    By Max - Aug 10, 2023 | Updated On: 10 August, 2023 | 5 min read

    By Max , 5 min read - Aug 10, 2023

    Updated On: 10 August, 2023

    Emilia Fazzalari Biography. Image Source: Social media

  • Tequila may not be the answer, but it’s worth a shot. A veteran of the financial services industry, Emilia Fazzalari established her tequila brand as the nation’s quickly rising spirits. She is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Cinco Spirits Group and Cincoro Tequila. She is the wife of Wyc Grousbeck, majority owner and governor of the NBA team Boston Celtics.

    Together the entrepreneur couple, Emilia and her husband, are the owner of a huge empire. This article will further explore their business ventures, their personal life, and professional endeavors.

    Dear readers, stay with us till the end as Emilia Fazzalari biography will leave you motivated because this is a journey of a girl who became one of the nation’s succesful businesswomen.

  • Beginning of a New Journey

    Emilia Fazzalari’s parents were Italian immigrants who were entrepreneurs in their own right. She grew up in the suburbs of Michigan and later received a bachelor of arts with a degree in economics and psychology from the University of Michigan. Although she hasn’t revealed it publically, Emilia Fazzalari’s age is around 57, and her birth year is 1966.

    Right after graduating, Fazzalari moved to New York City with just a few weeks rent in her pocket, a bold move that later proved to be very fruitful for the Michigan native. Emilia is proud of her Italian heritage and credits her parents for her success. She grew up in a household where there was importance on education and financial literacy.

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    Nearly Three Decade Professional Career In Finance

    Do you know before coming to New York, Fazzalari was nearly broke? Today she manages and oversees a billion-dollar company as its CEO. Since July 2016, Emilia Fazzalari has been the co-founder and CEO of Cinco Spirtis Group and Cincoro Tequila. Let’s know how she managed to reach a lucrative destination in her career.

  • After coming to New York, Emilia’s professional journey began after she joined Moody’s Investors Service in New York City. There she worked in the fixed-income research department from September 1987 until June 1990. Afterward, Fazzalari’s longest working experience came with Bloomberg LP, where she worked in the financial product and media department from June 1990-March 2011.

    Emilia worked as the head of marketing for Bloomberg TV developing and implementing marketing strategies. There, she started and managed the media syndication department overseeing the distribution of Bloomberg content to newspapers, radio stations, and tv stations in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Additionally, Fazzalari launched Spanish and Portuguese language Tv for the first time and even went on to obtain a Canadian Tv license. To promote the channel, she produced commercials and developed a strategy that increased brand equity and advertising revenue.

    Emilia Fazzalari Biography cinco

    Emilia Fazzalari Biography. Image Source: Social media

    Following her two-decade-long employment at Bloomberg, Emilia joined Poten and Partners as the head of commodity consulting and analytics, working till January 2014. Due to her excellent performance, Fazzarali was promoted to head of marketing, where she worked until July 2016. Afterward, she left the company to start her own tequila brand with a few partners, including her then-boyfriend, now-turned-husband.

    Additionally, Emilia has been serving as the founding partner of The Wonderfund since January 2018. A month later, she became a trustee member of the Boston Children’s Hospital. Likewise, Fazzalari has been serving on the President’s Advisory Board for Brigham and Women’s Hospital since April 2019.

  • Fazzalari spent nearly thirty years working in financial services and had several jobs of increasing responsibility, including overseeing the development of information platforms for the energy sectors. The fast-paced work environment served as a terrific training ground for her responsibilities as CEO of Cincoro, which is now an established tequila brand in the United States.

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    Emilia Fazzalari Husband Wyc Grouwsbeck: When did they Marry?

    Emilia Fazzalari is married to her boyfriend-turned-husband, Wyc Grousbeck. Although they have been dating for a long time, it was Fazzalari’s idea to get married in Sin City, Las Vegas.

    As Boston Herald reports, Wyc Grousbeck’s wife, Emilia, had already set a date for the nuptials. Fazzalari and Grousbeck married on January 7, 2017, in Las Vegas, and their wedding ceremony took place at the Bellagio Chapel. Previously, they got engaged in December 2016.

  • Emilia Fazzalari Biography

    Emilia Fazzalari Biography. Image Source: Social Media

    At present, Fazzalari and her spouse, Grousbeck, have been married for over six years. She is the stepmother of Grousbeck’s two children from his previous relationship. Also, Emilia is the mother of her own two adult children, a son and a daughter, who have graduated from college.

    Together with her husband, Emilia appears in NBA tournaments, public events, charity galas, and private functions. They are considered one of the most powerful entrepreneurial couples. However, Fazzalarui and Groyusbeck believe in giving back to the community as well. The couple sponsors Massachusetts Eye and Ear’s gala every year and donates millions worth of charities every year for various organizations.

    Net Worth as CEO of Cinco Spirits Group and Cincoro Tequila

    Emilia Fazzalari’s net worth might be soaring sky high as her company is making a name in the U.S tequila market. Further, as a wife of Wyc Grousbeck, Emilia is a member of the esteemed Irving Grousbeck and his family, whose net worth as of 2023 is $1.6 Billion. However, it is difficult to estimate Emilia Fazzalari’s fortune as she is involved in multiple ventures alongside her husband.

    One thing is for sure Fazzalari’s fortune is huge, as her tequila brand generated a revenue of $36 million in 2021. Talking about Emilia Fazzalari’s partner, Wyc Grousbeck’s net worth is estimated at $400 million. He is currently serving as the lead owner and governor of Boston Celtics, an NBA team whose worth is $4 billion, as per Forbes.

  • Now let’s get to know how a group of rich business owners created an ultra-light smooth tequila.

    The date goes back to the summer of 2016 when five NBA owners gathered to have a dinner in New York. The Celtics’ owner, Emilia, and Wyc Grousbeck invited Jeanie Buss of the Lakers, Michael Jordan of the Hornets, and Wes Edens of the Bucks for the late-night dinner. Apparently, Michael ordered some tequila, but the group had a disagreement about its flavor. That evening they bonded over their shared love for tequila, and from there Cincoro brand was born.

    Cincoro Spirits: A Golden Luxury for Tequila Lovers

    The name Cincoro means five gold (cinco is five and oro is gold in Spanish) which pays homage to the five founding partners and their pursuit to create the gold standard in tequila. Cinco Spirits Group LLC, an ultra-luxury spirits company where Emilia serves as its CEO, has created an award-winning portfolio of tequilas called Cincoro.

    Emilia Fazzalari Biography

    Emilia Fazzalari Biography., Image Source: Instagram

    Emilia has led the charge of creating and launching this new brand after years of research, blending, and tasting. Before launching the product in the market, the parties created about 1,000 different tequilas before they landed on what became their four award-winning Cincoro expressions. The company recently announced the launch of its fifth expression called Cincoro Gold.

  • Bottle name Size Estimated Price (USD)
    Cincoro Blanco 750ml $83
    Cincoro Reposado Tequila 750ml $114
    Cincoro Anejo Tequila 750ml $144
    Cincoro Extra Anejo 750ml $1,800

    Table Source: Luxedigital

    In just three years from its market introduction, Cincoro Tequila has sold 1.5 million bottles and won 23 awards in accredited spirits competitions, including multiple double gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The brand is now available in all 50 states, Canada, the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, and Duty-Free throughout America.

    Their vision was to create a rich and delicious tequila that was ultra smooth with a long, luxurious finish. Further, Cincoro Tequila captures the essence of both terroirs, uniquely using 100% Blue Weber Agave harvest from the Highland and Lowland appellations of Jalisco, Mexico.

    In conclusion, Emilia Fazzalari Biography tells us about an amazing journey of a woman who plays a crucial part in establishing her company as a top name.

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