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    Here Are 5 Unknown Facts About Enzo Fittipaldi Girlfriend: Is She Into Racing Too?


    By Rayan - Jul 2, 2023 | Updated On: 02 July, 2023 | 3 min read

    By Rayan , 3 min read - Jul 2, 2023

    Updated On: 02 July, 2023

    Enzo Fittipaldi's Girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram.

  • Enzo Fittipaldi da Cruz or simply known as Enzo Fittipaldi, has been together with his cherished girlfriend, Alexandra Guzman, for over three wonderful years. While Enzo’s illustrious racing career is well documented, his dear Alexandra has led a more private life out of the spotlight.

    However, there are some interesting facts about Enzo Fittipaldi’s girlfriend that is not widely known, especially regarding if she shares Enzo’s passion for the thrill of racing. In this article, we will uncover five little-known facts about Enzo’s lovely Alexandra, shedding light on her life, interests, and sweet relationship with Enzo.

    We will also explore if she has any involvement in the racing world and if their close bond stems from a shared love of speed and motorsports.

  • 5. Knowing Enzo Fittipaldi

    Enzo Fittipaldi de Cruz, the beloved Brazilian-American grandson of racing legend Emerson Fittipaldi, comes from a storied racing family filled with talented and devoted drivers. His grandfather, Emerson, is a cherished two-time Formula 1 World Champion and accomplished two-time winner of the hallowed Indianapolis 500, while Enzo’s dear brother Pietro Fittipaldi da Cruz is also a racing driver who has competed in various illustrious series.

    Enzo himself began racing at a young age, starting in karting before moving up to car racing. He signed with Prema Powerteam for the Italian F4 Championship in 2017 and had a triumphant season, finishing a respectable second in the championship.

    The thriving racer then moved up to the Formula Regional European Championship in 2019, where he won multiple races and placed a wonderful third in the championship. In 2020-2022, he continued to compete in high-level series, demonstrating his fleet foot, skilled hands and resolute determination on the track and earning him regarded as one of the most promising young drivers in motorsports today.

    4. Enzo Fittipaldi’s Girlfriend: Who Is She?

    Alexandra Guzman, the cherished girlfriend of Brazilian-American racing driver Enzo Fittipaldi is a fashion designer by profession. She has been a source of encouragement and support for Enzo’s racing career, though little is publicly known about her dear personal life.

  • Based on her social media profiles, it is clear that Alexandra loves traveling the world and spending time with her precious lover. She frequently uploads traveling to new places with her boyfriend. On top of that, she is often seen on race tracks where she stands as the key encourager for her boyfriend during the race.


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  • However, beyond these basic facts, not much is known about her wonderful background and personal life. Regardless, her presence in Enzo’s life has undoubtedly provided comfort and motivation, particularly as he continues chasing his racing dreams.

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    3. A Shared Passion for Racing: How Did They Meet?

    Enzo Fittipaldi and Alexandra Guzman reportedly met in 2019, two years after Enzo had signed with Prema Powerteam  in 2017. The exact circumstances of how they met are unknown, but it is believed that they met each other through family connections.

  • Alexandra is the sister of the popular racer Raul Guzman. Rual being a racer, might have connections with Enzo which might have caught Enzo and Alexandra in love at first sight. It is possible that their mutual love for motorsports was a key factor that brought them together.

    Enzo Fittipaldi's Girlfriend

    Enzo Fittipaldi’s Girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram.

    While it is not clear whether Alexandra has any prior experience with racing, her presence at Enzo’s races and her support of his career suggests that she is at least familiar with the world of motorsports.

    Regardless of how they met, it is clear that their shared passion for racing has played a significant role in their relationship.

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  • 2. Alexandra Guzman’s Interests and Hobbies

    Aside from her supportive role in Enzo Fittipaldi’s racing career, there are a few noteworthy details about Alexandra Guzman’s interests and hobbies. Her social media profiles reveal that she is an enthusiastic traveler, often exploring exotic locations and sharing photos of her adventures.

    Enzo Fittipaldi’s girlfriend frequently posts material inclining to the fashion industry, which makes complete sense since she is a fashion designer by profession.

    In addition, Alexandra values spending time with her loved ones and has shared photos of her friends and family on social media.

    1. The Future of Their Relationship: Will She Join Enzo on the Track?

    While it is unclear whether Alexandra Guzman will ever join Enzo Fittipaldi on the racetrack, it seems that the couple’s relationship is strong and supportive.

  • As Enzo continues to pursue his racing dreams, Enzo Fittipaldi’s lover continues to be a vocal fan and supporter, attending his races and celebrating his successes on social media. It is possible that the couple may take their relationship to the next level in the future, but whether or not that involves a more active role for Alexandra in Enzo’s racing career remains to be seen.

    For now, it seems that they are content to support each other in their respective pursuits and enjoy their time together. As they look towards the future, their fans will undoubtedly be eager to see what lies ahead for this young and promising couple.

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