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    Isaiah Hodgins Biography: Gridiron Dreams To NFL Stardom


    By Marshall - Jul 3, 2023 | Updated On: 03 July, 2023 | 4 min read

    By Marshall , 4 min read - Jul 3, 2023

    Updated On: 03 July, 2023

    Isaiah Hodgins Biography. Image Source: Social Media.

  • Isaiah Hodgins is an up-and-coming talent in the National Football League (NFL), renowned for his remarkable physical stature, immense power, and knack for making challenging receptions.

    Despite encountering obstacles and sustaining injuries throughout his football journey, Hodgins has maintained unwavering determination and concentration toward realizing his aspiration of being part of the NFL.

    From when he first began playing high school football to experiencing a standout college career at Oregon State University, Hodgins has consistently demonstrated his aptitude for the game and unyielding commitment to it. In Isaiah Hodgins biography, we will delve into Hodgins’ path from aspiring on the field to reaching stardom within the NFL scene.

  • Early Life and Education

    Isaiah Hodgins, a home-grown talent of San Jose, California, was born on October 21, 1998. Being raised in an athletic family had a significant impact as his father, James Hodgins, achieved great success as a fullback and had professional careers with the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. Notably, Hodgins has a younger brother who is also actively involved in football.

    At Berean Christian High School in Walnut Creek, California, Isaiah participated in high school football, primarily playing as a wide receiver. Exhibiting exceptional talent on the field earned him recognition during his junior and senior years, with All-League honors bestowed upon him accordingly.

    Remarkably versatile athletically speaking, Hodgins also engaged himself through basketball participation and track events while enrolled. Upon completing high school, his aspirations to continue pursuing sports were affirmed when committing to attend Oregon State University with hopes of excelling further within a collegiate-level college football program.

    Hence, it can be concluded that this young athlete appears driven towards making notable strides in their athletic career journey going forward.

  • College Career

    In his college career, the athlete played for 3 years for the Oregon State Beavers from 2017 to 2019. In his freshman year, he played 11 games and recorded 31 receptions including 2 touchdowns. His second year was also fruitful, as in 11 games he had 59 receptions and 5 touchdowns. As a junior, he was most productive as he recorded 86 receptions for 1,171 yards and 13 touchdowns.

  • Hodgins’ impressive performance during his junior year led to speculation that he might enter the NFL Draft early. 

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    NFL Draft and Professional Career

    Buffalo Bills signed Hodgins in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but unfortunately, the athlete encountered an unexpected obstacle. Regrettably, he had to undergo surgery due to a shoulder injury making him unable to partake in any games in his debut season.

    Nevertheless, Hodgins maintained unwavering determination toward his ultimate ambition of playing professional football. He diligently dedicated himself to rehabilitation and fervently prepared for the forthcoming 2021 season. His unwavering efforts bore fruit when he secured a spot on the Buffalo Bills roster for their games in 2021.

  • During the season, Hodgins saw action in five matches where he amassed four catches totaling 41 yards. Although these numbers may appear unremarkable at face value, they showcased his potential as a wide receiver within the Bills team structure.

    As it stands, Hodgins is listed as part of the New York Giants‘ group of wide receivers slated for participation in upcoming NFL events in the 2023 season after signing with them from being part-and-parcel with Buffalo’s squad prior.

    Playing Style and Strengths

    Hodgins, a talented wide receiver, utilizes his imposing stature and robust build to emerge victorious in contested catches. Standing at an impressive 6’4″ and weighing 210 pounds, he boasts an extensive catch radius that makes him especially dangerous near the end zone.

    Additionally, Hodgins possesses exceptional hand-eye coordination and body control, enabling him to make acrobatic receptions even amidst heavy defense.

  • One of Hodgins’ most notable abilities lies in his expert execution of precise routes. He demonstrates a profound understanding of how to outwit defenders and create space between themselves and their coverage assignment.

    Isaiah Hodgins Biography

    Isaiah Hodgins Biography. Image Source: Social Media.

    As a result, Hodgins consistently finds openings on the field to make crucial plays happen. This facet of his skillset was particularly prominent during his junior season at Oregon State, where he excelled across various positions on the field while executing diverse route combinations with excellence.

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    Personal Life

    Off the field, Hodgins takes pleasure in engaging in video games and spending quality time with his loved ones and companions. He is also quite engaged on various social media platforms, where he frequently posts pictures and provides updates about both his personal life and professional football journey for his supporters.

  • Hodgins’ loving parents, James and Stephanie Hodgins, proudly watch over him. His father, a former professional football player as a skilled fullback in the NFL, achieved the incredible feat of winning a Super Bowl with the esteemed St. Louis Rams team. Athleticism runs deep in their family as his brother Isaac Hodgins showcases his talents on the college football field at Oregon State University‘s dynamic defensive line position.

    It is worth noting that along with their athletic prowess and achievements, faith holds significant importance to Hodgins and his loved ones. They embrace Christianity wholeheartedly, finding strength and guidance through their spiritual beliefs.

    Hodgins has gained recognition due to his strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to honing his skills. In interviews, he has expressed taking a methodical approach to football, always seeking opportunities to enhance his performance.

    Family Man

    It may come as a surprise to discover that the football player indeed has a family, but this fact rings true. Isaiah is happily married to Maya Hodgins, and their joyful union took place in an intimate ceremony during May of 2019.

  • Moreover, their familial bond extends further with the presence of two children who bring immense joy into their lives. Their firstborn child is an adored son named Isaiah James Hodgins Jr., while their second child goes by the name Selah Rae.


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  • Isaiah holds his family in utmost regard and strives to allocate ample time for them whenever possible. He takes immense pride in being a devoted father and endeavors to partake in various activities alongside his loved ones throughout each passing day. Notably, he ensures that they are present at his games so they can offer unwavering support and serve as an enduring source of motivation through heartfelt cheers from the stands.

    Although injury setbacks have challenged him along the way, Hodgins has proven that he possesses both skill and a relentless drive to excel in the top echelons of professional football. With his impressive physical attributes, including size, strength, and adeptness at running routes, Hodgins harbors the potential to shine as a prominent figure in the NFL.

    We will be sure to update Isaiah Hodgins biography with any new accomplishments the talented wide receiver manages to achieve in his professional as well as personal life and hope he reaches new heights.

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