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    Lewis Chessum Biography: Rising Rugby Star from Lincolnshire


    By Marshall - Oct 31, 2023 | Updated On: 31 October, 2023 | 5 min read

    By Marshall , 5 min read - Oct 31, 2023

    Updated On: 31 October, 2023

    Lewis Chessum Biography. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Lewis Chessum has captivated audiences worldwide with his exceptional abilities, unwavering drive, and meteoric ascent in the Rugby world.

    Originating from Lincolnshire, Chessum’s compelling journey serves as a testament to his boundless love for rugby and unyielding commitment to excellence.

    In Lewis Chessum biography, we delve beneath the surface to uncover his remarkable accomplishments thus far, the origins of his passion for rugby, and how he has left an indelible mark on the global stage of this beloved sport.

  • Early Life and Introduction to Rugby

    Lewis Chessum was born on February 27, 2003, in the picturesque county of Lincolnshire, England. Raised in the charming village of Aunsby near Sleaford, Lewis had a humble upbringing that shaped his character.

    With Carre’s Grammar School as his academic alma mater and growing up amidst a family with an immense love for sports, it was inevitable for him to be exposed to various athletic pursuits. However, among all the options available to him, rugby became more than just a sport – it captured his heart.

    The prideful parents behind Lewis’ success story are none other than Paddy Chessum and Michelle Bailey from Bailey Trailers, individuals who have undoubtedly been instrumental in nurturing their son’s talent throughout his journey.

    Interestingly enough, though not surprising, considering their sporting lineage, Lewis’ attraction to rugby is justified. Lewis has an older brother named Ollie Chessum, who proudly represents both Leicester Tigers and England’s national rugby team. Lewis also has 2 more siblings other than Ollie.

  • Lewis Chessum Biography

    Lewis Chessum Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    From early childhood itself or even at such a tender age, he demonstrated innate brilliance manifested through exceptional speed, dexterous agility, and enviable physical prowess- qualities which did not go unnoticed by coaches and teammates alike who were taken aback by this young prodigy’s natural aptitude for the game.

    Development in Youth Rugby

    Chessum’s journey in rugby began at 9 years old when he first took up the sport at Sleaford RFC. It was there that his passion for the game ignited, and he soon realized that he had a natural talent for it. As time went on, Chessum’s dedication to improving his skills became evident as he joined the esteemed Leicester Tigers rugby academy during his teenage years in 2019.

    Having honed his abilities and learned about the intricacies of rugby through rigorous training sessions and competitive matches, Chessum found himself excelling mainly in the second-row position due to his impressive height, standing at an imposing 6’9″. This advantageous physical attribute allowed him to dominate aerial challenges and make a substantial impact on both offense and defense.

    In order to further polish his craft, Chessum sought additional experience by going on loan to Nottingham, where he competed against formidable opponents from Championship Rugby. It was during this stint that he garnered valuable playing time, which not only contributed towards enhancing his expertise but also caught the attention of the Leicester Tigers coaching staff.

    All these efforts culminated with Chessum finally making their debut appearance for Leicester Tigers in what would be an unforgettable season – 2021-22. The moment marked a significant milestone in Lewis Chessum biography as he officially stepped onto the professional circuit.

  • Rapid Development at Tigers

    Under the guidance of experienced coaches and with sheer determination, Chessum’s talent began to bloom, unveiling a depth that was previously unseen. His relentless commitment to training and the pursuit of self-improvement became evident as he consistently pushed himself beyond limits.

    It didn’t take long for him to establish himself as an exceptional player in his age group, garnering widespread recognition from regional selectors who were captivated by his standout performances.


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    Chessum’s remarkable abilities on the rugby field acted as stepping stones towards higher levels of competition. He found himself earning coveted spots on renowned teams, solidifying his reputation in the sport while simultaneously gaining invaluable experience through facing off against other immensely talented young players.

    This unwavering dedication and unparalleled work ethic continued fueling his development with every passing day—propelling Lewis steadfastly along a trajectory leading directly to a promising professional rugby career.

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    International Recognition and Captaincy

    Chessum’s outstanding performances in domestic rugby did not go unnoticed on the international stage. His consistent displays of exceptional skill, lightning-fast speed, and unwavering tenacity earned him a coveted spot on the national rugby team.

    Making his debut for England under-20s on 1 March 2022 in a resounding victory against Wales during the highly competitive 2022 Six Nations Under 20s Championship was just the beginning of Chessum’s remarkable journey.

    On an unforgettable day, 3 February 2023, he had the privilege to lead England under-20 for the first time with extraordinary skills and determination, leading them to a thrilling triumph over Scotland under-20s in a 41-36 match.

  • Lewis Chessum Biography

    Lewis Chessum Biography. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Later that year, at an equally prestigious event like the World Rugby U20 Championship, Lewis managed to take his team towards a respectable fourth-place finish, adding more feathers to his already sparkling cap.

    By showcasing his immense talent while representing his country in these high-stakes international competitions, Chessum consistently demonstrated why he is considered one of English rugby’s most promising rising stars.

    Personal Life and Future Plans

    Every aspiring sports player harbors the deep-rooted desire to represent their nation on an international stage. In Lewis’ case, this esteemed dream has been significantly influenced by his older brother’s successful venture into British national representation.

    Lewis Chessum Biography

    Lewis Chessum Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Undoubtedly, England boasts a rich history of exceptional talents, but none have captivated observers quite like Lewis Chessum. Despite being younger in age, one would hardly discern it upon encountering this towering figure standing at an impressive six-foot-nine stature.

  • With his imposing physique serving as both armor and weapon alike, Lewis consistently employs brute force to dominate adversaries with utmost vigor and intensity. Fueled by sheer size alone, he possesses all the necessary attributes to seamlessly fit into the elite ranks of England’s first-choice team in professional rugby.

    Lewis brings an unparalleled ferocity to the pitch that demands attention. With every step onto the field, he exudes a raw aggression, unleashing his intensity and ready to overpower anyone in his path. This unyielding drive has propelled him thus far and will continue to ignite his performance for years to come, especially considering England’s current need for strength in the second-row position.

    Lewis Chessum Biography

    Lewis Chessum Biography. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Furthermore, there is an undeniable extra dimension when your brother joins you on the field. In Lewis’ case, having Ollie by his side would create a seamless connection rooted in their shared upbringing.

    The innate understanding between them could contribute immensely to the cohesive teamwork required within the pack – a formidable advantage that could greatly benefit England’s overall performance.

  • With his goals set in stone, Lewis has kept his focus on building his resume rather than relationships. So, news about Lewis Chessum’s girlfriend will have to wait a bit longer. But Lewis was spotted at a party with a beautiful girl named Dee Scobbie. At the moment, it is unclear if the two of them are dating or just friends.

    Also, as a developing talent, Lewis Chessum’s net worth is undisclosed. But considering the fact that rugby players are paid well for their services, we can assume Lewis will also have a significant amount in the future.

    Lewis Chessum Biography

    Lewis Chessum Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Lewis Chessum’s undeniable talent and rising star status within the world of rugby have ignited a sense of anticipation among enthusiasts. With each step he takes, his mark on the sport deepens, leaving us eager to witness what future achievements lie ahead for him and the profound impact he will undoubtedly leave in his wake.


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