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    How Much is Antwon Tanner’s Net Worth? A Look Into His Riches


    By Rayan - Aug 14, 2023 | Updated On: 14 August, 2023 | 4 min read

    By Rayan , 4 min read - Aug 14, 2023

    Updated On: 14 August, 2023

    Antwon Tanner's Net Worth. image Source: Instagram.

  • Certain people carve out a space for themselves in the entertainment industry, enthralling audiences with their talent and making an everlasting impression. Undoubtedly one of them is American actor Antwon Tanner.

    Tanner has had a multi-decade career and received praise for his outstanding work on small and large screens. He progressively built his portfolio since the late 90s and portrayed various roles that reflect his past as an athlete and musician.

    Since the career journey of an American actor is rewarding and inspiring, we will delve more into his career and check out Antwon Tanner’s net worth, along with some interesting facts about the director and actor.

  • Antwon Tanner: Actor With Consistent Presence

    • The American actor was born on April 14, 1975, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
    • The Rosewood actor Taylor is not only proficient in basketball when he is in character but is actually a pretty good basketball player in real life too. Antwon began playing basketball in Chicago when he was young. Later he moved to California and played for two seasons on the Pasadena City College men’s team.
    • Spending most of his high school playing basketball, he decided to distance himself from athletics and instead showed his interest in music. However, his charismatic stage presence and good looks eventually led him toward acting.
    • When it comes to the actor’s role model, it’s none other than iconic actor Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson is not just his role model but also his mentor and the reason he got into acting.
    • Antwon is married to Nic Thearies and shares four kids with her. He is the father of two sons, Town Tanner and Jess Tanner, and two daughters, Shimary Tanner and Hilary Tanner.
    • Tanner pleaded guilty to knowingly and intentionally transferring social security cards with the intention of defrauding. He sold more than a dozen social security cards for $10,000. Additionally, he had to report to prison for three months for the offense.

    Skills And Worm: Power Roles

    Despite starting his career in the late 1990s, Antwon was having a slow and steady rise in his acting career. However, when he landed the role of ‘Michael Taylor,’ mainly known as ‘Skills,’ in a popular teen drama series, One Tree Hill, he was finally able to bring public attention to himself.

    When season one of the series was filmed, he was 28, which was the oldest age among all high school cast. This really shows how well he has portrayed the high school character.

    Antwon Tanner's Net Worth

    Antwon Tanner’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

    The drama series aired from 2003 to 2012, having 9 seasons with 187 episodes. Hence, without question, his participation in this long-running series was crucial to his ascent to stardom and subsequent financial acquisition.

    Another strong role that not only solidified his prominence in Hollywood but also raised his profile at the box office is his biological sports drama movie of 2005, Coach Carter. He portrayed the role of ‘Jaron Willis,’ in which he starred alongside his role model Samuel L. Jackson. This must have been one of the most memorable moments in his acting career.

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    Movies and Television Series; His Diverse Portfolio

    Tanner made a big splash in the entertainment world in the late 1990s when he landed a recurring part on the TV show Moesha. He was given a chance to display his abilities, which attracted the attention of professionals in the field.

    Once Antwon started his acting journey, he never looked back but continued to strive more and more with his appearances in various series, including Sister, Sister, Nash Bridges, Touch by an Angel, NYPD Blue, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Rizzoli & Isles.

    Moreover, recurring roles in different TV series have definitely added a reasonable amount to Antwon Tanner’s fortune. Tanner has achieved success mainly through his television work, although he has also had important roles in several films throughout his career.

  • Antwon Tanner's Net Worth

    Antwon Tanner’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

    Antwon shared the screen with great actor Kelli Guiddish in the criminal thriller Chase, which led to one of his most enduring performances. Tanner’s ability to easily switch between many mediums showcases his versatility as an actor.

    As a result of his exceptional acting in movies like Sunset Park, Dear Christmas, and Divided We Fall, he has further cemented his standing as a gifted and in-demand performer. As an actor, he never considered any roles small. He feels like every role has its own strong point where an actor can showcase his skills and abilities.

    With this motive, he has gathered many supporting and starring roles in movies that unquestionably added to Antwon Tanner’s overall wealth and broadened his acting resume.

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  • Career Milestone And Financial Success: Antwon Tanner’s Net Worth – $1M

    Starting from scratch and establishing yourself as one of the most promising actors in Hollywood for more than three decades is a huge achievement in itself. With this thriving career, it has definitely been reflected in Antwon Tanner’s net worth too.

    The American actor has amassed a huge fortune of $1 million. Antwon Tanner’s development from his early years in Chicago to his present position as a prosperous actor is evidence of his talent, tenacity, and unshakable devotion to his craft. Tanner has developed a fantastic career that has resulted in financial success through his prominent television performances and movie roles.

    Let’s check out how well his movies have done:

    Movies Box Office Collection
    Coach Carter $67.3M
    Never Die Alone $5.6M
    Brother $447.8K
    The Wood $25.0M
    Sunset Park $9.0M

    Table Source: Rotten Tomatoes

  • Antwon Tanner’s fortune is a calculative figure of his hard work, passion, and dedication. As he continues to explore more opportunities and possibilities, it is sure that the number will rise. Hence, fans are eagerly anticipating his next project and waiting patiently to witness his further growth and success in the entertainment world.


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