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    Take A Look Into Leona Maguire Earnings From Her Impressive Golf Career


    By Leo - Nov 2, 2023 | Updated On: 02 November, 2023 | 3 min read

    By Leo , 3 min read - Nov 2, 2023

    Updated On: 02 November, 2023

    Leona Maguire Earnings. Image Credit: EireFact.

  • In the exciting and fantastic world of golf, where focus, determination, and hard work guarantee victory, only a few individuals with excellent and immaculate skills are able to make a name for themselves.

    One such name that is shining like a diamond in the golfing world is Leona Maguire. She is a world-class player with impeccable career records. Over the years, she has become one the most prolific and successful women golfers in the world and is running her professional career at a brisk pace.

    In this article, we are going to talk about Maguire’s glorious professional career and answer one of the most asked questions in the golf world: What is Leona Maguire earnings and net worth? Thus, golf fans, embrace yourselves for one of the most thrilling rides into the life of this amazing golfer.

  • Some Facts About the Irish Professional Golfer

    • Leona was born on 30 November 1994 in County Cavan, Ireland. She was an amazing swimmer when she was nine but gave up a career in swimming to focus on golf.
    • Not much is known about Maguire’s parents; however, we do know that she has a twin sister named Lisa Maguire, who is fifteen minutes older than her. Lisa is a retired professional golfer.
    • With a total of 4.5 at the 2021 Solheim Cup, the Irish woman broke the all-time rookie points record in both the Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup.

    Leona Maguire Earnings From Golf – Revealing the Figure

    Maguire began her Amateur career in 2005 and won the Lancome Irish Women’s Amateur Close Championship in 2008. Further, in 2011, she won the Irish Women’s Open Stroke Play Championship and the Portuguese International Ladies Amateur Championship.

    Leona Maguire Earnings

    Leona Maguire Earnings. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Until 2018, the Irish golfer played as an Amateur and turned professional in the same year. She won her first major prize money of $22,500 at the Windsor Golf Classic in 2019 and later claimed another $26,250 at the Symetra Classic. Leona’s earnings began to grow after this, and at the end of the Symetra Classic, she accumulated over $120,000.

    Below is the breakdown of Leona Maguire’s prize money over the years.

    Year Earnings
    2020 $180,387
    2021 $885,141
    2022 $1,812,831
    2023 $1,128,625

    Table Source: Espn

  • Similarly, after participating in and showing impressive performances in multiple golf tournaments such as the LPGA Mediheal Championship, Lotte Championship, and the Evian Championship, Leona Maguire’s earnings surpassed the $1 million mark in August 2021, just three years after turning pro.

    Furthermore, the Irish woman claimed her first-ever LPGA Tour title in 2022 at the Meijer LPGA Classic and received over $196,847 in prize money. Further, in June 2023, she achieved her second title by winning the Meijer LPGA Classic two times in a row. As of November 2023, Leona Maguire earnings stand at a tremendous $4 million.

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    Widening the Income With Lucrative Endorsement Deals

    As a champion player, Leona was sure to obtain sponsorship deals from famous brands and companies. As of 2023, she has been promoting at least three brands and tucking a handsome amount of money into her earnings.


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  • Firstly, the Irish golf phenomenon has signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with Kastus, a screen coating technology company based in Ireland. By doing so, she is representing the brand as a Global Ambassador. Further, Leona Maguire earnings also influenced a surge after getting involved with Kinetica Sports Nutrition. Kinetica is the official bag sponsor for Leona.

    Finally, Leona has been in a partnership with the Netherlands-based multinational professional service company called KPMG since her professional debut in 2018. Thus, Leona’s net worth must have greatly increased after being associated with such a famous and financially sound brand.

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    What is Leona Maguire’s Net Worth?

    Leona has had a successful career so far and has accumulated a decent amount of money from prize money and brand endorsements. However, the Irish national has yet to announce her exact fortune.

  • Leona Maguire Earnings

    Leona Maguire Earnings. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Similarly, in 2022, Maguire became the first Irish woman to win on the LPGA Tour, and she also held the record for the most weeks at the top of the World Amateur Golf Ranking. She has two LPGA Tour Titles and multiple amateur titles. Thus, she is entitled to her multi-million dollar prize money.

    In conclusion, we wish the amazing golfer all the best in her upcoming tournaments and hope that she keeps on winning and gets to call herself the world’s number-one women golfer in the future.


    Q: What is Leona Maguire’s nationality?

  • A: Leona is an Irish national.

    Q: When was Leona Maguire born?

    A: Leona was born on 30 November 1994.

    Q: What is Leona Maguire’s height?

  • A: She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

    Q: Where does Leona Maguire reside?

    A: The golfer resides in Cavan, Ireland.

    Q: When did Leona Maguire turn professional?

  • A: Maguire turned pro in 2018.

    Q: What is Leona Maguire’s world rank?

    A: Leona is currently ranked 18.

    Q: What is Leona Maguire’s career earnings?

  • A: Her career earnings stand at $4 million as of November 2023.

    Q: What is Leona Maguire’s net worth?

    A: Leona Maguire’s net worth is undisclosed as of November 2023.


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