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    Revealing 5 Shocking Facts About Noah Kahan Girlfriend: Wedding Bells Soon?


    By Max - Sep 22, 2023 | Updated On: 30 October, 2023 | 3 min read

    By Max , 3 min read - Sep 22, 2023

    Updated On: 30 October, 2023

    Noah Kahan Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

  • Noah Kahan released two of his biggest singles, Hurt Somebody (2017) and Stick Season (2022). The songs with so much emotional depth resonated with his audiences. But his fans have been curious to know who Kahan is dating.

    The internet obsession over Noah Kahan girlfriend has run forever. The singer has created a special place in his fans’ hearts ever since the release of his 2017 single Young Blood. We present you with interesting facts about the singer’s relationship status. Scroll down to know more.

    5. Who is Noah Kahan Girlfriend?

    The Stick Season artist Noah Kahan is dating Brenna Nolan. The couple rarely make public appearances, but Kahan has talked about his girlfriend’s support during his mental health struggles. A few times, the singer has shared glimpses of his partner on social media.

  • Noah Kahan Girlfriend.

    Noah Kahan Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    While Noah Kahan’s melodies continue to climb high on charts, a certain curiosity has always been over his personal life.  However, Kahan’s relationship has always remained quite enigmatic. Similarly, Brenna is also a private individual. She has kept her Instagram account private for a reason.

    4. Facts about Noah Kahan Partner

    As mentioned earlier, Noah Kahan’s girlfriend name is Brenna and she is a special education teacher. She worked with Bridge Boston Charter School for over five years till September 2023. However, she is also believed to be a photographer. But Brenna has been teaching the kids for a long time.

    Noah Kahan Girlfriend.

    Noah Kahan Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Originally from Norwich, Vermont, Brenna completed her schooling at Hanover High School in June 2014. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2018 with a science degree majoring in elementary education and teaching. Similarly, the mysterious dating partner of Noah Kahan is a Boston College Master’s graduate who received her degree in July 2020.

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  • 3. Sticking Through Mental Illness

    The 2023 Time 100 Next artist Noah Kahan has openly shared about his mental health issues. But he also gave credit to his girlfriend for sticking with him in the tough times. With his mother and sisters’ help, Kahan found ease in focusing on his career.

    Noah Kahan Girlfriend.

    Noah Kahan Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    In an interview with Today, Kahan revealed that he started therapy at age 9. He revealed that being on stage brings him anxiety, so he is truly scared of being seen on a bigger scale. That’s the reason why Kahan’s songs relate to his listeners.

    I’ll dream each night of some version of you That I might not have but I did not lose. The songs created out of Noah Kahan’s genius lyrical writing served as therapy for many. But as they say, creative people defend their sadness through art. Despite having troubles himself, Kahan kept writing and reached the echelon.

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  • 2. Relationship Timeline

    The American singer-songwriter, Noah Kahan made his breakthrough with Hurt Somebody in 2017. The song also featured Grammy-nominated artist Julia Michaels. But it was only after a few years that truly raised Kahan’s status as a sentimental singer.

    On the side, people wanted to know the details of Noah Kahan and Brenna Nolan relationship history. Both luck and love were bestowed in the singer’s favor. The couple are said to be dating for over ten years. Further, they have a pet dog named Penny whom they adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Noah Kahan Girlfriend

    Noah Kahan Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    While Noah Kahan’s age is the mid-20s, his girlfriend’s age also seems to be the early 20s. On the other hand, the couple has successfully managed to keep their relationship private. But they occasionally post romantic pictures. On the occasion of Nolan’s birthday, Noah shared a sweet birthday message on Instagram on January 21.

    1. Is the Couple getting married anytime soon?

    In July 2022, Kahan moved to Watertown with his girlfriend, Brenna Nolan in a home. The couple is said to be engaged, but there hasn’t been any official news of their wedding. Some fans on social media noticed an engagement ring on Brenna’s finger.

  • Through his melodies, Noah puts his music to emotions. While everyone seems to be desperate for perfection, his songs make us feel it’s okay not to have everything figured out. Amidst his mental health and newfound fame, the singer is focused on creating meaningful creations.


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