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    TBJZL Biography: Co-Creator of The YouTube Group Sidemen


    By Marshall - Oct 19, 2023 | Updated On: 19 October, 2023 | 5 min read

    By Marshall , 5 min read - Oct 19, 2023

    Updated On: 19 October, 2023

    TBJZL Biography. Image Credit: X.

  • Tobit John Brown, widely recognized as TBJZL or simply Tobi, has established himself as a leading figure in the realm of YouTube.

    Notably serving as one of the co-founders of the highly acclaimed Sidemen group on YouTube, Tobi’s charm and amusing nature have resonated with an extensive audience worldwide.

    TBJZL biography offers a detailed exploration into both his personal life and professional achievements – from modest origins to emerging as a pivotal catalyst behind the tremendous triumphs enjoyed by the Sidemen collective.

  • Early Life and Passion for Gaming

    Tobit John Brown, born on April 8th, 1993, in Hackney, London, comes from a working-class Nigerian family. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he attended St. Dominic’s Catholic Primary School until 2004 before moving on to Bexley Grammar School, where fate would bring him together with future Sidemen member Josh Bradley.

    As Tobi grew older and pursued higher education at Coventry University, achieving an honors degree in computing along the way, his desire to start a YouTube channel began taking shape, starting with gaming content.

    TBJZL Biography

    TBJZL Biography. Image Credit: X.

    Tobi’s enthusiasm for gaming started at a young age, as he dedicated endless hours to playing video games and fully immersing himself in the captivating virtual realms they presented. Gaming provided him not only with an escape but also sparked a passion within him to connect with others and provide entertainment through his YouTube channel.

    Rise to YouTube Stardom

    In 2011, Tobi Brown entered the realm of YouTube by creating his channel known as TBJZL. While in university, he noticed Bradley’s growing popularity on the platform and was inspired to pursue a career as a YouTuber after completing his studies.

  • Tobi’s content primarily consists of video game commentaries, particularly on popular titles like FIFA and NBA 2K. Additionally, he shares football challenges, vlogs, and comedic videos.

    TBJZL Biography

    TBJZL Biography. Image Credit: X.

    Although starting with gaming content initially, Tobi quickly captivated viewers with his charm and natural sense of humor. His unique blend of entertaining gameplay footage accompanied by witty commentary showcased his engaging personality, which propelled him towards gaining fame on YouTube.

    Formation of the Sidemen

    In 2013, Tobi Brown partnered with a group of like-minded creators to establish the Sidemen. On October 19, 2013, Brown joined forces with four other British YouTubers to form Ultimate Sidemen, which later became known simply as Sidemen.

    The collective has since expanded and currently comprises seven prominent British YouTube personalities: Vikram Barn (Vikkstar123), Joshua Bradley (Zerkaa), Harry Lewis (W2S), Simon Minter (Miniminter), JJ Olatunji (KSI), Ethan Payne (Behzinga), and Tobi Brown himself.

  • TBJZL Biography

    TBJZL Biography. Image Credit: X.

    The group content primarily revolves around challenges, sketches, and video-game commentary, along with exclusive Sidemen merchandise available for purchase. Working together on various projects such as videos, challenges, and podcasts allows them to display their excellent camaraderie while showcasing an entertaining dynamic that captivates millions of subscribers worldwide.

    With his contagious enthusiasm and knack for bringing out the best in his fellow members of the Sidemen group, Tobi significantly contributes to their immense popularity on YouTube – firmly establishing themselves as sensations within the platform’s community.

    Diversification of Content

    Tobi Brown, who initially rose to fame through his gaming videos, has now broadened his horizons and diversified his content offerings.

    In addition to his renowned gaming content, Tobi now produces a diverse array of engaging videos, including vlogs, challenges, reaction videos, and sketches.

  • In 2019, The Sunday Times recognized Brown as the 38th most impactful online content creator in the United Kingdom. Currently, his primary YouTube channel has accumulated more than 4.9 million subscribers and over 534 million video views as of October 2023.

    Additionally, Brown has ventured into music under his own name. In the year 2020, he unveiled his inaugural single titled “Destined for Greatness,” which achieved a commendable position at number 31 on the UK Singles Chart while also reaching number 33 on the Irish Singles Chart.

    This versatility as a content creator not only captivates audiences but also allows them to connect with him on a personal level. It is Tobi’s constant willingness to adapt and evolve that has contributed greatly to the ongoing success and enduring popularity he enjoys among viewers.

    Beyond YouTube: Entrepreneurial Ventures and Collaborations

    Tobi’s drive for business ventures goes beyond just his success on YouTube. In the summer of 2018, Brown started a streetwear label called ILLVZN and officially launched it in February of the following year. Additionally, he partnered with New Era Cap in May 2019 to create a unique custom snapback hat.

  • Furthermore, Tobi contributed to “The Gift” alongside other Sidemen members, which climbed up to number 77 on the UK Singles Chart in December.

    TBJZL Biography

    TBJZL Biography. Iamge Credit: X.


    Brown made his musical debut by releasing his first single, titled “Destined for Greatness,” on 7 February 2020. The song featured both his brother Manny and sister Janellé. It achieved a chart position of number 31 on the UK Singles Chart, marking Brown’s first appearance in the top 40 in the UK. Additionally, “Destined for Greatness” entered at number 18 in New Zealand and on the Scottish Singles Chart, reaching its highest position at number 33 on the Irish Singles Chart.


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    Following this success, Brown collaborated with fellow Sidemen member KSI by featuring as part of a remix for KSI’s song “Wake Up Call.” Produced by Yoshi and featuring American rapper Trippie Redd and British rapper P Money, this remix was released on March 6, 2020. On March 19th, he also lent his talents to P Money’s track titled “This Year,” produced by Silencer.

  • TBJZL brother, Manny Brown, was also featured in the YouTuber’s second track, titled “Rhythm & Vibes,” on August 20, 2021. He collaborated with rapper DTG in March 2022 for the song “Just Do It.”

    Philanthropy and Advocacy

    Tobi Brown actively engages in philanthropic initiatives and utilizes his platform to advocate for charitable causes. He has been an integral part of numerous charity events, fundraisers, and campaigns, effectively leveraging his influence to create a positive impact on society.

    Furthermore, Tobi is also involved in the Sidemen’s annual charity match, which brings together prominent social media influencers to generate funds for various organizations. In just the past two years alone, this event has generated over $6 million through donations and ticket sales.

    Remarkably, Tobi consistently participates in these matches as he passionately supports Manchester United F.C., even managing to score multiple times. His unwavering dedication to giving back truly reflects both his genuine concern for imperative social issues and his determination to use his influential position responsibly.

    Notably, TBJZL courageously voiced out against racism within football during an interview with Sky Sports News as well.

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    Personal Life and Net Worth

    Even though TBJZL is a prominent YouTuber with millions of fans, he rarely shares information about his private life. But eagle-eyed fans have been able to discover some bits of information about the YouTuber.

    First of all, Tobi is a devout Christian, and he comes from a very traditional family, so he does not partake in activities like drinking and making videos with girls that his family may frown upon. That being said, Tobi has been in a relationship in the past, but that was short-lived.

    Although the identity of TBJZL girlfriend is unknown, Tobi did reveal that they broke up due to communication issues. Currently, he is focusing on creating content with the Sidemen, so relationships are not his priorities at the moment.

  • Talking about TBJZL net worth, we do have a rough estimation of his finances from his YouTube career and merchandise sales. Below, the net worth of all the members of Sidemen is displayed:

    Sidemen Member Net Worth
    KSI $2.1 Million
    Miniminter $9.4 Million
    Vikkstar123 $8.4 Million
    W2s $4.2 Million
    Zerkaa $3.1 Million
    Behzinga $3.1 Million
    TBJZL $1.2 Million

    Table Source: The Sun

    TBJZL, also known as Tobi Brown, may not be the richest among the Sidemen group, but he still boasts an impressive net worth of more than one million pounds. Additionally, his YouTube channel has garnered almost five million subscribers.

    As Tobi Brown continues to evolve as a content creator and entrepreneur, his future endeavors hold immense promise. With a dedicated fanbase and his innate ability to connect with viewers, he is poised to expand his influence further and leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

  • From his engaging content to his philanthropic efforts, TBJZL biography as a co-creator of the Sidemen has only just begun, and audiences eagerly anticipate what he has in store.


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