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    Inside Lanto Griffin Net Worth: How Golfing Success Translated to Financial Triumph


    By Max - Sep 4, 2023 | Updated On: 04 September, 2023 | 5 min read

    By Max , 5 min read - Sep 4, 2023

    Updated On: 04 September, 2023

    Lanto Griffin Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Here’s a thought-provoking question. What inner qualities do you believe are most essential for someone who wants to write their own inspiring tale of triumph? Well, to write a rags-to-riches story is like narrating a brilliant recital of hope, ambition, and unmatchable perseverance.

    As we look at Lanto Griffin net worth now, his story from the humblest of beginnings inspires us to believe in the limitless potential of the human soul. Florida resident Lanto was almost on the edge of a mental breakdown when his debt was higher than his earnings. At one point, he even thought of quitting the sport of golf, which was his passion and a childhood dream.

    But as we know, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Today, we will read such a story, which will make you understand the importance of willpower. The professional golfer’s journey from nothing to everything is a reminder that when you work hard, you attract things that are essential for your victory.

  • Knowing Lanto Griffin: Early Years in The Backyard

    • Born as Lanto Maitreya Griffin on June 15, 1988, in Mount Shasta, California, U.S., he was named after a spiritual master, Lord Lanto.
    • Lanto’s parents, Michael Griffin and Julie Griffin were big-time hippies and strict vegetarians who taught their children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, Griffin grew up with a sister named Allian Griffin and three brothers, Micha, Clarion, and Maitra Griffin.
    • When Griffin was around 5, his family moved to Blacksburg, a town in Virginia. His father managed a health food store but unfortunately died from brain cancer when Griffin was just 12 years old.
    • Griffin played golf at Blacksburg High School, and with the help of his junior coach/mentor, Steve Prater, he joined free golf lessons at Blacksburg Country Club. Further, Lanto graduated with a Marketing degree in 2010 from Virginia Commonwealth University, where he played golf all four years.

    Prior Years of Crisis Filled With Stress: Pot Holes in Life

    Griffin’s first pro event was on the Hooters Winter Series, where he earned $975, from which his entry fee of $950 was covered. Five years after turning pro, Lanto got the opportunity to play on the PGA Tour Latinoamerica in 2015. The same year, he won the Virginia Open championship and the Roberto De Vicenzo Punta del Este Open Copa NEC as well. But do you know just a year before all these winnings, the golfer nearly quit the sport?

    Lanto Griffin Net Worth

    Lanto Griffin Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

    After struggling for a few years on mini-tours, Lanto began to pick up a lot of debt, which was over $30,000. In 2014, he had just $176 in his bank account and was frustrated with his life. However, the deep-rooted love for golf and hope in his heart kept pushing the dreamer forward. Likewise, a moment with Will Wilcox was also enough to keep his dream alive.

    In mid-2014, Griffin caddied for Wilcox at The Greenbrier Classic, and after he tied fourth at the tournament, Will paid him $17,000, which helped Griffin to continue his golf career. After a glorious year in 2015, Lanto once again faced the financial crisis in 2016 at age 28. He had a lot of debts, his earnings went down, and his mother was paying for his health insurance. Maybe it was Life taking a test on his willpower, but good fortune was waiting for him.

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  • Fortune At The PGA Tour: The Charm of His Swings

    In May 2017, Lanto earned $4,800 through ten events, and afterward, he called his agent to express his desire to quit golf, which he had thought many times. But even in this burdensome time, the golfer tried his luck once again in the Nashville Golf Open. At the end of the 2017 season, Lanto placed 22nd on the Regular Season money list to secure a PGA Tour card for the 2017-18 season.

    Year (2017) Tournaments Payouts
    May 29-June 2 Nashville Golf Open $99,000
    Jun 20-Jun 23 Pinnacle Bank Championship $10,500
    Aug 10-Aug 13 Price Cutter Charity Championship pr. by Dr Pepper $23,456
    Sept 31- Oct 3 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship $30,000

    Table Source: ESPN

    Lanto finished 22nd on the Web.com Tour, now known as the Korn Ferry Tour, in October 2017. This victory earned him the PGA Tour card for the 2017-2018 season, which was extended for the 2019-2020 season as well. Griffin earned a lucrative sum of $217,000 from appearing in the 2017 Korn Ferry Tournaments. Check out a few of the breakdowns of his earnings in the table above.

    From Nothing to Everything: The Showering of Wealth

    Slowly and steadily, Lanto Griffin’s net worth saw a hike after his victories began to pile up in the 2018 tournaments of the Korn Ferry and the PGA Tour. In 2018 alone, Griffin made around $358,380 and marked his name as a promising rising golfer.

  • Year (2018) Korn Ferry Tournaments Earnings
    May 24-May 27 Nashville Golf Open $41,067
    Aug 23-Aug 26 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship $33,900

    Table Source: ESPN

    Now, talking about the 2018 PGA Tour earnings, Lanto made over $280,000, which he received as prize money from different tournaments. The golfer who once had merely $200 in his bank account was now earning a thousand times more.

    Griffin’s biggest paycheck came in January 2018 after he finished T12 in the Farmers Insurance Open, where he earned $123,338 in prize money. Similarly, he began to partner with a number of sponsors, including brands such as Titleist, Footjoy, Dormie Network, IES Communications, Galvin Green, Stanley, Captech, Demand Science, and Mutual of Omaha.

    Although the figure of his endorsement deals is not disclosed, Griffin sure receives a profitable amount. Further, take a look at a few other winnings where he received a decent cheque that boosted his net worth.

  • Year (2017-2018) PGA Tour Tournaments Earnings
    Nov 9- Nov 12 (2017) OHL Classic at Mayakoba $15,052
    Jun 21-Jun 24 (2018) Travelers Championship $30,800
    Jul 5-Jul 8 A Military Tribute at The Greenbrier $55,115

    Table Source: ESPN

    In October 2019, Griffin made a breakthrough after winning the Houston Open, which also marked his major PGA Tour victory. Additionally, he earned a staggering amount of $1.3 million as prize money. Also, this PGA Tour victory made him eligible for the 2021-2022 season. Eventually, Lanto Griffin’s earnings saw a rise after nearly a decade of hardships and crisis.

    Lanto Griffin Net Worth: Embracing The Hundred And Now The Millions

    Finally, the moment of reveal has come, but let us spare a few more seconds before knowing Lanto Griffin’s exact net worth. From 2018 until 2023, he made millions in cash, winning several tournaments. The time of being broke was long gone for Lanto as he also bought a beautiful home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Having said that, he also married a beautiful girl named Maya Elizabeth Brown in September 2022. Well, fate has its own mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

    Coming to the 2023 season, Lanto Griffin’s official tournament earnings are an estimated $7 million, but his exact net worth is still unknown. Top sports outlets have reported Lanto Griffin’s net worth as millions, and the rags to riches story now fits perfectly to the Virginia native who once made a nine-hole course in his home just to practice golf.

  • Lanto Griffin Net Worth

    Lanto Griffin Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Some of his notable winnings include 2020 The CJ Cup@Shadow Creek, where he earned $314,438, and the 2021 Farmers Insurance Open, where he won $235,625 in prize money. At the 2021-2022 PGA Tour, Griffin earned $402,800 at the American Express in Pete Dye Stadium Course. Likewise, at the 2023 John Deere Classic, the golfer made just $18,080 after coming in the score of T-51 among the total of 156 players.

    Just in a decade, the PGA Tour golfer’s life completely changed upside down, and his story further reminds us that despite the challenges and setbacks life may throw our way, there is always the potential for growth and transformation. After carefully analyzing Lanto Griffin net worth, we can say that even in the darkest of times, there exists a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to a brighter tomorrow.

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