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    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography: From Tennis to Tinseltown


    By Leo - Oct 11, 2023 | Updated On: 11 October, 2023 | 5 min read

    By Leo , 5 min read - Oct 11, 2023

    Updated On: 11 October, 2023

    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • The world of cinema is more enormous and farther to reach than it appears on screen. But not for young Yonas Asuncion Kibreab, who broke all barriers and captivated the audience with his thunderous performance at a young age. The rising star Yonas Asuncion Kibreab biography is a wake-up call for all those who think that age restricts you from gaining the spotlight.

    The journey of this Los Angeles-born young boy from a tennis content creator to a renowned celebrity is sure to inspire audiences of every age. Yonas, a gifted artist and individual who gave his silver screen performance in movies such as Interrupted and Sonshine, has a fair share of experience as a voice-over artist in animated TV series such as Slumberkins and Blaze and the Monster Machines.

    Early Years: Family, Tennis, And Exposure to Camera

    In this age of the Internet and social media, it is almost impossible to hide natural talent behind the curtain. The same is true for Yonas as well. As exciting as his characters in movies and animated series are, his journey to stardom is as exciting and inspiring.

  • The young American actor was born in Los Angeles, California, on June 17, 2010. Still a high schooler, he lives with his parents. Even though the spotlight is hanging high above Yona’s head, he has managed to keep his parents’ information in the dark from the world audience. However, we do know that the young performer has an older sister.

    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography

    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography. Image Credit: Social Media.

    On another note, Kibreab has said he is an active kid who grew up playing various sports. Yonas’ acting journey began on the courts of tennis. Being a massive tennis lover, he began swinging the racquet at six years old. As a boy born in the era of social media, his first exposure to the camera came through Instagram when he decided to post tennis-related content on the platform.

    As a carefree child, Yonas had no idea that his funny and entertaining Instagram content would one day carve his path to the glamorous world of cinema, and one day, Yonas Asuncion Kibreab biography is going to be one of the most searched topics in the Internet. United States Tennis Association (UTSA) was the first among many to see the talent of this young kid and invited him to be a KidCaster at the 2018 US Open in New York City.

    When children of his age were busy making sand castles and Barbie dolls, the Los Angeles native was creating social media content during the USTA tournament and interviewing professional tennis players.

  • Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography

    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    The acting prodigy was enjoying his time in front of the camera and meeting celebrities. That enthusiasm and experience dug down the performer hidden inside him. Hence, after actively pursuing a career in acting since late 2019, this kid is moving faster than a bullet train to higher cinema glory.

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    Acting Credits of the Young Actor: A Star in the Making

    The talented young kid, Yonas, began his silver screen journey by appearing in a Holiday commercial by Walmart. Soon after, he bagged the role of Luna in Into the Dark: Blood Moon, a werewolf horror film starring Megalyn Echikunwoke.

    After this, Yonas showed no sign of stopping and kept appearing on television, even if it was a minor role. In the ‘ Exit Event ‘ episode, he appeared as a boy in the jungle in the 2019 television series Silicon Valley.

  • Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography

    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    The young actor is a massive fan of the American sitcom Seinfeld. Thus, when he got the opportunity to work with Alec Berg, who has written and produced many Seinfeld episodes, in Silicon Valley, he had butterflies flying inside his stomach.

    Just imagine an elephant and an ant standing side by side. How would you feel? Funny, scared? Little Kibreab must have felt the same when he starred in an episode of the Netflix show The Big Show Show alongside professional WWE wrestler Paul Donald Wight alias The Big Show.

    Like that, the little kid from Los Angeles slowly became one of Hollywood’s most-loved actors. After appearing in not more than three episodes in different television series, Yonas’ Day of Shining came in 2023 when he appeared in multiple television series for more than six episodes appearance in each of them.

    Below is the list of Films appearances of Yonas.

  • Year Film Role
    2021 Growing Fangs Javier Garcia
    2021 Interrupted Uncredited
    2023 Sonshine Uncredited
    2023 Merry Little Batman Damian (Voice)
    2024 Elio Elio Solis (Voice)

    Currently, Luna from Blood Moon is playing the leading role of Remy on the Disney show Pretty Freeking Scary. Further, he has provided his voice to Elio Solis in the upcoming Pixar movie Elio.

    Difficulties of an Actor: Balancing Work And School

    It is difficult for a high school-going kid to balance work and education. As an actor, young Yonas is facing a challenge in this area. So, How does he make time for his school when he is busy playing fictional characters?

    Kibreab has to make choices and pick which is more critical when he is faced with choosing his personal or professional life. The young actor has to cancel the plans if he gets a call for an audition the next day.

    People Behind His Success

    Multiple people play a significant role in the success of one’s life. Yonas also has several people he is thankful to for making his dream come true. Thus, Yonas Asuncion Kibreab biography is incomplete without mentioning the persons behind the camera.

  • First and foremost, Kibreab’s parents have played a crucial role in bringing out his fantastic acting skills on the screen. They have been his fans and supporters since he began making Instagram content. His parents are the pillars of his success as they actively ensure he gets to do what he loves. His family members took the job of chauffeuring him to and fro from the sets. Thus, he is fortunate to have such supportive and loving parents.

    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography

    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Asuncion’s parents drive him around the sets and help him record self-tape auditions, memorize scripts, and assist him in his schoolwork. Similarly, Kid Yonas is grateful to his fantastic manager, Kim Matuka from Schuller Talent, and his supporting agent, Jessica Olson from Bella Agency LA. There is an old saying: Never Forget Your Roots.

    Therefore, the actor is immensely grateful to the team that gave him his first chance to be a lead in a movie: Blumhouse Productions, Casting Director Melissa Kostenbauder, Director Emma Tammi, co-star Megalyn Echikunwoke, and many more.

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  • Things Yonas Wants to Share With His Much-Younger Self

    For a young boy, Yonas’ mental maturity is already on par with an adult. In an interview with Authority Magazine, Yonas was asked what he wished to tell his younger self, and his answers reflected maturity and conviction.

    Kibreab strongly believes in ‘always be yourself’ no matter how far you reach in your career. Even if you touch the clouds in the sky, your feet must always be on the ground. 

    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography

    Yonas Asuncion Kibreab Biography. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Similarly, for a rookie actor, auditions are everything. So, they try to attend as many auditions as possible, but it is slightly different in the case of Yonas. He believes that sometimes you have to pass on an audition if you feel the script is not in your favor, even if there is a chance you might pull it off.

    Lastly, the glamorous world of the entertainment industry is both terrifying and rewarding. Only one out of thousands gets to live their dream of becoming an actor.

  • Such one person is the Los Angeles high schooler Yonas. Thus, if you have the same passion, talent, and luck, Yonas Asuncion Kibreab biography will motivate you to achieve wonders in your life as well.


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