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    Tallying The Boxer Joe Calzaghe Net Worth: How Much The Punches Were Worth? 


    By Rayan - Aug 24, 2023 | Updated On: 24 August, 2023 | 4 min read

    By Rayan , 4 min read - Aug 24, 2023

    Updated On: 24 August, 2023

    Joe Calzaghe Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Joe Calzaghe is the name that conjures up images of an undefeated champion with unmatched accomplishments and a global boxing legend. His relentless resolve, lightning-quick hands, and fast-grasping techniques have never disappointed him in the boxing ring.

    Calzaghe’s boxing prowess is distinguished by his stellar career as the longest-reigning super middleweight world champion, along with defending his WBO title for more than 10 years with 20 opponents. The boxing legend is the first ever boxer to secure all four grand world titles. With all these accomplishments over the years, how do those achievements reflect on Joe Calzaghe net worth?

    Joe Calzaghe’s finances are one of the top topics many people are curious about. So, this article has brought glimpses into the boxer’s financial trajectory, accentuating his accolades and boxing journey. So, be prepared to be shocked after learning about his net worth.

  • How Joe Started His Boxing Journey?

    • The boxer Joe was very much interested in soccer during his childhood. He even skipped classes to play soccer. However, one day, he was taken to the gym, and he liked the environment. That was the moment when he started to develop an interest in boxing.
    • Joe lost his first and last fight when he was ten years old against Chris Stark. He felt horrible at that time as he beat him six times afterward. Joe believes boxing was not a natural talent for him, but he did lots of hard work to become who he is today.
    Joe Calzaghe Net Worth

    Joe Calzaghe Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

    • The boxer we know now was not the same when he was a child. During high school, he was bullied and had to be isolated due to verbal abuse. Although the bullying stopped after a year, he never recovered and couldn’t attend his GCSE exams.
    • After much hard work and intense training, Joe became the first boxer to hold the Amateur Boxing Association titles in three weight categories. 
    • Calzaghe had an impressive record of winning 110 fights out of 120 as an amateur boxer. Additionally, he held titles in the Gaelic Games and the National Association of Boys Clubs.

    The Boxing Legend of All Times

    ‘Super Joe’ had his first professional fighting debut in 1993 at Cardiff Arms Park. The accomplisher won all nine fights by June 1995. With such a fantastic track record, he was voted the Young Boxer of the Year by the Professional Boxing Association and the Boxing Writers Club. 

    The skilled boxer went on to win 13 other fights before he got to try his abilities at the WBO super-middleweight title. Joe emerged victorious over the two-time WBO champion Chris Eubank on 11 October 1997 for the vacant WBO title. 

    Later, his victory portfolio included the fight against Robin Reid, Charles Brewer, Mario Veit, and Evans Ashira. Furthermore, the ‘Italian Dragon’ secured his IBF world championship title against Jeff Lacy by a unanimous points decision on 5 March 2006.

    Joe Calzaghe Net Worth.

    Joe Calzaghe Net Worth. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    Moreover, Joe won over Bernard Hopkins in the middleweight fight after surpassing his 20 defenses. Moving to his light heavyweight, Joe secured his Ring light heavyweight championship in his first-ever fight in the United States against Hopkins by a split decision. Furthermore, Calzaghe recorded 118–109 against Roy Jones Jr., securing his Ring Light Heavyweight Championship. 

  • Joe Calzaghe joined the list as the tenth position of world champion boxer by finishing his career with an exceptional record of 46-0, winning all the fights with zero losses. The boxer decided to retire from boxing on 5 February 2009. All the title winnings have significant prize money that contributed solely to increasing Joe Calzaghe’s financial portfolio to a great extent. 

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    Using All His Talent

    The unbeaten boxing champion Joe Calzaghe, renowned for his extraordinary feats in the Ring, has evolved into a charismatic speaker who captivates audiences with his stirring words and the life lessons he has gained through his astonishing career.

    Joe is an inspirational speaker who shares his ideas and inspires audiences worldwide thanks to his unique combination of sportsmanship, resiliency, and knowledge. Boxer Joe uses his words to rally the troops and increase the people’s morale.

  • This talent has expanded his horizon, but apart from that, speaking has undoubtedly helped to boost Joe Calzaghe net worth as people can book him for his speaking jobs for various corporate dinners and events and motivational speeches.

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    Upcoming Project: Joe Calzaghe Net Worth

    Joe Calzaghe’s financial success will experience a remarkable upswing thanks to his upcoming savvy venture into the world of merchandise. Beyond his stellar in-ring performances, his marketability and brand appeal were pivotal.

    Recognizing the fervor of his fan base, a diverse array of products bearing the Calzaghe name and legacy will emerge, from coveted collectibles to apparel and accessories graced with his iconic insignia and signature.

  • Joe Calzaghe Net Worth.

    Joe Calzaghe Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

    This strategic move will offer fans a tangible connection to their boxing hero and elevate Joe Calzaghe’s financial standing beyond the boxing arena.

    The clamor for Calzaghe merchandise shall be palpable, propelling his net worth to unprecedented heights and establishing him as a champion in the Ring and a savvy entrepreneur outside of it.

    Currently, Calzaghe’s net worth stands at a massive amount of $10 Million. With increasing diverse income sources, it is safe to say that Joe’s wealth will grow in the coming future.

    Continuation of Legacy

    The combination of father and son became a powerful duo in boxing. Joe and his dad, Enzo Calzaghe, founded a boxing promotion company, Calzaghe Promotions, on 7 February 2008. The company ran for about four years and dissolved on 14 August 2012. This company acted as the base for Joe’s entrepreneurial journey, assisting him to earn some profits.

  • After retirement, it took a lot of work for Joe to find the right fit. On top of that, the death of his mother, Jackie Calzaghe, and his dad, who trained him for his entire career, greatly impacted him. So, Joe got back on track in 2019, deciding to start the gym of his father, which has been closed since his father’s death. This project was done with the collaborative efforts of his two sons. 

    Joe Calzaghe Net Worth.

    Joe Calzaghe Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Additionally, Joe is ready to open another company with Darren Barker by utilizing his management license. So, these different ventures will add up to a massive amount to his financial success. 

    Hence, we wish Joe good luck with his new business ventures and merchandise and hope it will do great, adding to his fortune.


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