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    5 Unknown Facts About Declan McKenna Girlfriend: The One He Writes Song About


    By Max - Sep 21, 2023 | Updated On: 21 September, 2023 | 3 min read

    By Max , 3 min read - Sep 21, 2023

    Updated On: 21 September, 2023

    Declan McKenna Girlfriend. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

  • ‘The Wonder Boy’ of British music, Declan McKenna, is an artist who refuses to obey easy categorizations. Ever since he made his breakthrough in 2015 with the song Brazil, McKenna has become the epitome of a praiseworthy songwriter of extraordinarily mature songs.

    Declan writes about occurrences throughout his life, including political and social issues. BBC News named his song as the finest ever to be written about football corruption. But one song titled My House garnered wide curiosity as it was entirely dedicated to Declan McKenna girlfriend.

    Stay tuned, readers, as the interesting revelations about Declan McKenna and his setlists await you. From thought-provoking songs to his baffling personal life, we will discuss all the things that you have been trying to get out.

  • 5. Experimenting With Oneself and Music

    Usually, there are many dating news and scandals revolving around new celebrities. From the beginning of his career, the Beautiful Faces singer garnered a dedicated fan base, and most of them were females. So, the talk of Declan McKenna girlfriend was obvious. However, the artist was just enjoying his career, trying new things.

    Declan McKenna Girlfriend

    Declan McKenna Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    When Declan, through his song Brazil criticized the 2014 FIFA World Cup, several record labels fought to get him signed on their productions. At just 16, he released that song, and almost every other news tabloid was calling him the refined singer-songwriter for his age.

    The Enfield, Greater London native grew up in Hertfordshire. Likewise, he dropped his A-levels in English literature, philosophy and Ethics, and Sociology. Besides, the young singer achieved top rankings on several charts, including the U.S. Billboard Alternative Songs chart. In 2017, Declan released his debut album, ‘What Do You Think About the Car?’ followed by his second album, Zeros, in September 2020.

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  • 4. Low-key Personal Life: Why Declan McKenna Chose Not to Share?

    Following his first album’s success, Declan appeared in a number of television series and even late-night shows with Conan O’Brien, James Corden, and Stephen Colbert. Likewise, his third album, ‘What Happened to the Beach?’ will be out in February 2024.

    Having such a hectic schedule, McKenna’s recognition is growing with frequent tours and his performances at various London music festivals and concerts. So, he also gets asked about his relationship status quite often. But as an artist, producing music is more important than sharing one’s personal life.

    Declan is always on high alert to keep his personal life low-profile. Likewise, he never talks publicly about those close to him. Moreover, he has close relationships with his band members. Although McKenna writes his own songs, he is supported by a band on tour consisting of Isabel Torres (guitar), Nathan Cox (keyboards), William Bishop (bass), and Gabrielle Marie King (drums).

    3. Is Pansexual the Answer?

    With big dark lines in his eyes, half-torn clothes, and seductive moves on the stage, Declan Mckenna sure knows how to set the place on fire. So, a majority of viewers think he is gay. But is that what Declan identifies as? Back in 2020, in an interview with Attitude magazine, the UK and Europe’s best-selling LGBTQ magazine, McKenna said that he won’t be put in a box when it comes to his sexuality.

  • Declan McKenna Girlfriend

    Declan McKenna Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    The singer also said that he would never have said his sexuality is restricted to any gender. As a result, Declan McKenna’s love is not bound to any gender, regardless of sexual orientation. During his initial career, McKenna said that he always felt that gender fluidity was constantly changing for him. It was one thing he also felt pretty confident talking about.

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    2. Discovering His Sexualities in His 20s

    In the same interview with Attitude magazine, McKenna admitted that his sexual identity was still evolving in his twenties. Meanwhile, Declan said that for him, he didn’t even know if he would call it sexual fluidity.

    Declan McKenna Girlfriend

    Declan McKenna Girlfriend. Image Credit: Facebook.

    Before the release of his second album in 2020, Declan, who was 19 at the time, struggled to imagine his identity in another way as he identified himself as a pansexual. In July 2020, McKenna wrote an open letter to UK Equalities Minister Liz Truss, advocating for a ban on all forms of LGBT+ conversion therapy.

  • Besides including social and political issues in his songs, McKenna wants to experiment with the inclusion of LGBTQ+ in his lyrics. While his music sparks debates and controversies, some argue that it may not represent an entire generation’s voice.

    1. Who is Declan McKenna Girlfriend? The Song He Wrote For Her

    Now, with all gender identities and orientations, one thing we can agree on is that love shouldn’t be forceful. Declan himself found a way to talk about love in a way that is fun but real.

    In an interview, the singer-songwriter revealed something out of the ordinary by revealing for the first time that he has a girlfriend. He said that one of his most talked about songs, My House, a 2021 single, is about his girlfriend.

    Other than knowing that Declan McKenna’s girlfriend is the subject of his song, McKenna hasn’t said anything further about his love life.

  • In conclusion, McKenna, known for his mature and analytical style, is admired by many. He is one of those lyrical geniuses who creates masterpieces and incorporates ongoing issues, shedding light on the disformities of society.


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