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    Who is Robin Frijns Girlfriend? Get To Know Their Love Story


    By Leo - Nov 7, 2023 | Updated On: 07 November, 2023 | 3 min read

    By Leo , 3 min read - Nov 7, 2023

    Updated On: 07 November, 2023

    Robin Frijns Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

  • The world of motorsport has been the host of some of the best racing drivers in the world. The sport and its members are growing both in numbers and popularity. Among them is the Dutch motor racing driver Robin Frijns, who has become one of the most successful and brilliant racers of the twenty-first century.

    In this article, we are going to give you an in-depth review of Robin Frijns girlfriend, his dating life, and life outside of the racing tracks, and find out whether the professional racer has found success in his personal life or not.

    Frijns had dedicated his entire life to motorsport, as he was interested in the sport from a very early age. Thus, stay with us until the end to know a little bit about him and his lady love.

  • Some Facts About the Dutch Racer

    • Robin was born Robin Christiaan Maria Frijns on 7 August 1991 in Maastricht, Netherlands, to his father and mother, Odile Frijns. He has not mentioned his father’s name, but he has two siblings, Michael Frijns and Kelly Frijns.
    • The Dutch racer began his racing journey as a kart racer and has participated in karting tournaments in France and Belgium.
    • Frijns finished runner-up in the French Championship and third in the KF2 European Championship in 2008.

    Meet Robin Frijns Girlfriend – Who Is the Lucky Lady?

    A famous quote dictates that love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing, yet you feel delighted. This talented racer must feel the same when he shares the same space with his lady love. Yes, Robin has already found the love of his life. So, keep reading to find out.

    Robin Frijns’ girlfriend is the beautiful and talented Maike Katarina Frik. The couple is keeping the audience on the edge of their seat by not revealing the exact date and time of their first meeting. Still, their bond and chemistry can be frequently seen on Frijn’s Instagram posts.

    Robin Frijns Girlfriend

    Robin Frijns Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Further, the Maastricht native went Instagram official in July 2020 when he shared a picture with Maike to congratulate her on her birthday. Similarly, she can be seen accompanying him to his races and supporting him in his career.

    Interestingly, one time Robin Frijns girlfriend made a surprise visit as a ‘Grid Girl’ during one of his races to wish him all the best and to follow up on a lost best. Robin was surprised and appreciated her for this loving effort.

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    Decoding Maike’s Profession – What Does She Do?

    Mutual love and passion for a sport can bring two strangers together. Frijns and Frik’s relationship is a living example of this statement, as the two are involved in the same profession but in different positions.

    Robin Frijns’ partner has worked as a Team Management DTM at ABT Sportsline GmbH and SSR Performance GmbH from March 2018 to March 2021 and March 2022 to October 2022, respectively. Similarly, she worked as a Marketing Specialist at AUDI AG from October 2017 to February 2018.

    Robin Frijns Girlfriend

    Robin Frijns Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Along with her boyfriend, Maike co-founded Frijns Unlimited BV, a car customizing and motor vehicle manufacturing agency based in Lanaken, Vlaanderen, Belgium. She has been sitting in the position of Chief Executive Officer since March 2021. This might be the reason why Robin addresses her as ‘Boss’ in his Instagram posts.

  • Similarly, talking about her education and skills, Robin Frijns girlfriend graduated from the University of Tubingen with a Bachelor of Arts in general Rhetoric and Media Studies in 2017. Further, she is fluent in Deutsch and English.

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    Is the Couple Getting Married Soon?

    Like his fellow racers Gabriel Bortoleto and Mikel Azcona, this Dutch racing sensation also has kept information regarding his marriage secret from the public. The lovely couple is currently enjoying their relationship to the fullest and shows no sign of tying the knot any time soon.

    Robin Frijns Girlfriend

    Robin Frijns Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Therefore, we would have to wait for some more to hear Robin and Maike’s wedding bells. Further, Robin and his girlfriend frequently spend time with each other on and off the racing track and can be seen visiting exotic locations around the globe.

  • In conclusion, we wish Frijns and Frik all the best in their romantic journey as boyfriend and girlfriend and hope that their personal business venture grows more in the coming years. At present, they are keeping their wedding on hold, but when they do, we will be sure to update you. So, stay tuned.


    Q: What is Robin Frijns’ nationality?

    A: Robin Frijns is a Dutch national.

  • Q: What’s the update on Robin Frijns’ injury?

    A: Earlier in 2023, Frijns was involved in an accident during one of his races in Mexico City and broke his wrist. However, he recovered from that incident and his perfectly fine now.

    Q: Who is Robin Frijns’ girlfriend?

    A: Robin is currently dating Maike Katarina Frik.

  • Q: When was Robin Frijns born?

    A: The Dutch racer was born on 7 August 1991.

    Q: When did Robin Frijns make his professional debut?

    A: Frijns made his professional debut in 2009 at the Formula BMW Europe.

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