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    5 Interesting Facts About Kristen Wiig Husband Avi Rothman: Who is He?


    By Marshall - Oct 3, 2023 | Updated On: 03 October, 2023 | 4 min read

    By Marshall , 4 min read - Oct 3, 2023

    Updated On: 03 October, 2023

    Kristen Wiig husband Avi. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

  • Avi Rothman, the husband of acclaimed actress and comedian Kristen Wiig, is a figure who has piqued curiosity among fans of the entertainment industry. While Kristen Wiig’s career often takes the spotlight, Avi Rothman has his own unique background and accomplishments.

    In this article, we will explore 5 interesting facts about Kristen Wiig husband, Avi Rothman, shedding light on his identity, career, and intriguing aspects of his life. Join us as we uncover intriguing details about the man who shares his life with one of Hollywood’s most talented performers.

    5. Who Was The Mystery Man Making Out With Wiig?

    In 2016, Kristen attracted attention when she was seen engaging in romantic activities with an unidentified individual on a picturesque beach in Hawaii. This individual was Avi, and their connection marked Kristen’s first significant relationship following her separation from Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes in 2013.

  • Prior to that, Kristen had been married to actor Hayes Hargrove between 2005 and 2009. Despite the public becoming aware of Kristen and Avi’s love affair in 2016, it is believed that they had been dating discreetly for several months prior.

    According to reports at the time by People magazine, Avi was officially her boyfriend, and they were both exceedingly content together.

    Kristen Wiig husband Avi

    Kristen Wiig husband Avi. Image Credit: lestudiophoto.

    Rothman, a multi-talented individual in writing, acting, and producing, honed his skills at the prestigious Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles. His extensive repertoire includes various acting credits listed on his IMDB page, with notable appearances in short films and television shows.

    Additionally, Avi showcased his writing prowess by crafting the critically acclaimed short film “Bunion,” which premiered at the esteemed WILDsound Film Festival in 2015.

  • Since its release, Rothman has dedicated himself to independent filmmaking endeavors such as “Silver Lake” and “The Blackout,” along with numerous other shorts highlighting his exceptional acting abilities.

    4. Marriage and Children Were Also a Secret

    Rothman and Wiig’s engagement was confirmed in August 2019, but their marital status remained unknown until Wiig referred to Rothman as her “husband” during a conversation about raising their twin infants on The Howard Stern Show on 10 February 2021.

    In January 2020, the couple welcomed twins via a surrogate; however, they chose not to share this news until June of that year. Discussing the challenges faced during the process of in vitro fertilization with Rothman, Wiig reflected on the emotional and medical difficulties they encountered over a span of five years together, three of which were consumed by these treatments.

    Unable to conceive via IVF, the duo pursued surrogacy with tremendous gratitude for finding an incredible surrogate who provided them with invaluable assistance.

  • The identities of Rothman and Wiig’s offspring remained undisclosed during that period, although it seemed that Wiig indirectly recognized them through the credits of her 2021 film Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar. In the acknowledgments section titled “special thanks,” there is a mention: “Avi, Luna & Shiloh.”

    Shortly after the public became aware of Kristen and Avi’s new parenthood journey, they were sighted taking a stroll in Los Angeles with their babies securely fastened to carrier harnesses on their chests.

    3. Kristen Wiig Husband Avi is Addicted To Yoga

    In 2006, Rothman played the main character role in a YouTube video titled “Ogden the Inappropriate Yoga Guy.” Subsequently, he portrayed Ogden in various other videos. The inspiration for this character stemmed from his experiences as an enthusiastic yoga practitioner himself.

    According to Rothman’s statement during a 2010 interview with The Laugh Button, it was his sister who introduced him to yoga. This newfound interest quickly became somewhat of an obsession, leading him to attend classes five times per week consistently.

  • Reflecting on his demeanor within these sessions, Rothman admitted to being more introverted and inclined towards keeping to himself. He further expressed an affinity for people-watching and revealed that he often perceived distinctive personalities among fellow attendees at his yoga class.

    Notably, Kristen Wiig Husband Avi observed instances where certain individuals exhibited overt attempts to engage in romantic pursuits, both from men towards women and vice versa.

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    2. The Most Difficult Time in Their Lives

    In an interview with InStyle, Kristen Wiig discussed the challenges she and her then-fiancé Avi Rothman faced on their journey to becoming parents.

  • The couple shared that they turned to surrogacy after experiencing difficulties with in vitro fertilization for three years. This period was emotionally and physically trying for Wiig, making her feel like she had lost herself over those years.

    The actress candidly expresses the rollercoaster of emotions involved in waiting for phone calls and receiving test results, often faced with disappointing news throughout their fertility struggles. Despite occasional glimmers of hope, stress, and heartache were predominant themes during this time.

    Kristen Wiig husband Avi

    Kristen Wiig husband Avi. Image Credit: Backgrid.

    Even during the pregnancy, it was still difficult, but the couple tried to find the silver lining by understanding that the end result was what they had been striving so hard for. Fortunately, they were blessed with healthy twins who brought joy to their lives.

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  • 1. Avi’s Initiation into Web Comedy Began With A Dare

    In addition to his role as “Inappropriate Yoga Guy,” Rothman has demonstrated his talent in various other web series like “The Seth & Avi Show” and “Gay Roommates.”

    Kristen Wiig Husband Avi Rothman’s entry into the realm of web comedy can be traced back to a challenge posed by an acquaintance studying online marketing. The challenge prompted Rothman and some friends to create a viral video, which they accomplished by ingeniously devising a pseudo-commercial for American Apparel featuring their group naked while preparing breakfast.

    Kristen Wiig husband Avi

    Kristen Wiig husband Avi. Image Credit: SplashNews.

    Regarding the video’s success, Rothman revealed that it garnered over 150,000 views within just two days before being flagged as adult content. Reflecting on this experience, he acknowledges how it helped him realize the immense potential audience accessibility holds if one’s content goes viral.

    Another viral video Avi was a part of was in 2008. Rothman played the role of Jesus in a comedic YouTube video called “Olivia Munn, Shirtless with Jesus.” The video portrays Rothman as a contemporary version of Jesus who shares an apartment with Mary Magdalene (portrayed by Olivia Munn). In this skit, they briefly discuss their experiences dealing with demanding fathers while highlighting the comical situation of having an attractive roommate for Jesus.

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