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    5 Things To Know About Liam Broady Girlfriend: What Caught Broady’s Attention?


    By Leo - Oct 18, 2023 | Updated On: 18 October, 2023 | 4 min read

    By Leo , 4 min read - Oct 18, 2023

    Updated On: 18 October, 2023

    Liam Broady Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

  • Liam Broady is a British professional tennis player who began his junior career by winning the Natwest Dorset Open in 2005. The British national has become one of the promising players of the new generation with multiple appearances in various Grand Slam tournaments. He is slowly rising in the rankings and managed to attain his career-best Singles ranking of 93 in September 2023.

    In this article, we will discuss the personal life of this aspiring tennis player and find out whether his dating life is as interesting as his tennis career. So, please keep reading until the end to know five things about Liam Broady girlfriend and her life with the British tennis sensation.

    5. Meet Liam Broady Girlfriend – Who is She?

    The British tennis player has been in love with tennis ever since he was a little boy, and interestingly, he found the love of his life in the same profession. Yes, the English national is already taken by the beautiful and talented Eden Silva.

  • Eden is also a tennis player who has a fair share of appearances in the Grand Slam tournaments, just like her boyfriend.

    Liam Broady Girlfriend

    Liam Broady Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    According to multiple sources, the couple began their relationship journey in 2022 when Silva revealed about dating a fellow tennis player on her Instagram handle. According to the post, Liam took her on a surprise weekend at the Londoner Hotel, where they might have celebrated Eden’s belated birthday together.

    Similarly, Liam and Eden went on a vacation to New York City, where they were accompanied by her friends and well-wishers. The lovely pair’s Instagram is the living proof of their incredible journey together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

    4. Eden is a Native of England

    Liam Broady girlfriend, Eden, is also from England. She was born on 14 March 1996 in Grant Hill in East London. She comes from a multicultural background, as her parents are of Russian and Sri Lankan descent.

  • Eden’s full name is Eden Giselle Silva, and she has one sibling. She is a huge pet lover and also owns a dog named Sammie, which she adopted in 2010. The dog sadly passed away in 2023, and she shared a condolence post on her social media in its memory.

    Liam Broady Girlfriend

    Liam Broady Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    The British player began her tennis journey at the age of three and went on practice sessions at the local tennis club in her hometown called Cranbrook Castle. She participated in her first-ever international tennis competition in France.

    Silva was the youngest girl in the nation to be invited to join Team Aegon and was regarded as one of the finest tennis players in Great Britain at the age of 12.

    3. Pillar of Support For Her Boyfriend

    Liam Broady’s partner has supported her boyfriend ever since they embarked on a romantic journey. She can be seen in the stands cheering for him when Broady plays. Most recently, she applauded her man when he participated in the 2023 Wimbledon.

  • Liam Broady Girlfriend

    Liam Broady Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Broady shared his journey as a tennis player from his childhood to his current position when he got enlisted into the top 100 rankings in the Singles tournament. He thanked his girlfriend for believing in him, motivating him, and supporting him when he could not take her out on holidays.

    It was a sweet gesture from Liam to show his love for his girlfriend during one of the highlighting points of his career. We wish that the couple stays like this for a long time.

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    2. Silva Was a Former Model

    The East London native not only does wonders with a racquet, but she also has some modeling experience as well. According to some sources, Liam Broady girlfriend has done some modeling for the London-based modeling agency called W Model Management.

  • Liam Broady Girlfriend

    Liam Broady Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

    The details regarding her modeling job are not disclosed, and it would not even matter as she is doing an excellent job at her current profession of being a woman tennis player.

    As an accomplished singles and doubles player, Silva is currently ranked 345 in singles and 185 in tennis rankings. Furthermore, she has an outstanding winning average of 51.3 % and 53.6% in singles and doubles tournaments.

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    1. Ambassador of Sporting Equals

    Sporting Equals is a social organization based in Coventry, England, which focuses on promoting and supporting ethnic minorities in sports in the United Kingdom. As Liam Broady girlfriend also comes from a mixed ethnic background, she has become an ambassador in this wonderful social organization with a valid cause.


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    A post shared by Alpha Talent Group (@alphatalent)

  • Furthermore, the British tennis player is also linked with Alpha Talent Group, representing global TV personalities, content creators, artists, and athletes. Similarly, she has signed a brand endorsement deal with Vuori Clothing.

    In conclusion, we wish Liam Broady girlfriend all the best in her future endeavors, both as a player and person, and hope that she manages to do wonders in her upcoming matches just like her boyfriend.


    Q: Who is Liam Broady?

  • A: Liam Broady is a professional tennis player.

    Q: What is Liam Broady’s nationality?

    A: Liam Broady is a British national.

    Q: How much is Liam Broady’s career earning?

  • A: Liam has earned over $1.8 million as of October 2023.

    Q: Who is Liam Broady’s girlfriend?

    A: Liam Broady’s girlfriend is a fellow tennis player, Eden Silva.

    Q: How tall is Liam Broady?

  • A: Liam is 6 feet tall.

    Q: What is Liam Broady’s ranking?

    A: Liam is ranked 93 in Singles and 244 in Doubles.

    Q: Is Liam Broady related to Naomi Broady?

  • A: Yes, Liam is the younger brother of former tennis player Naomi Broady.

    Q: When was Liam Broady born?

    A: Liam Broady was born on 4 January 1994 in Stockport, England.

    Q: Who is Liam Broady’s current coach?

  • A: Liam Broady’s current coach is David Sammel.

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