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    5 Interesting Facts About Jaclyn Matfus’ Husband


    By Leo - Oct 29, 2023 | Updated On: 29 October, 2023 | 4 min read

    By Leo , 4 min read - Oct 29, 2023

    Updated On: 29 October, 2023

    Jaclyn Matfus' Husband. Image Credit: Instagram.

  • There are only a few people who find balance in the entertainment world and social work. Jaclyn Matfus falls under the list of such individuals who have not only entertained the audience but also worked for their welfare. She is an actress, producer, and social advocate. With multiple movie appearances, the talented actress has become one of the household names in Hollywood during her rise to stardom.

    Today, we are going to take a peak into the personal life of the actress and give the answer to the question: Who is Jaclyn Matfus’ husband? Along with that, we will provide every Jaclyn fan with some fascinating facts about her husband, his life, career, and influence on people. So, let’s begin.

    5. Meet Jaclyn Matfus’ Husband – Who is He?

    In the exciting world of cinema, meeting someone, finding love, and happily ever after is very common. However, this is not always the case in the real world. But not if you are Jaclyn Matfus, as the talented actress, found success not only in her profession but also in her personal life.

  • Yes, the American actress and producer is married to the dashing personality Ben Harper. Ben and Jaclyn exchanged vows in 2015 and have been enjoying their happily ever after till now. The lovely pair has kept the audience guessing as they are yet to announce when and how they met officially.

    Ben is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter and is highly involved in creating music belonging to the genres of folk rock, alternative rock, soul, funk rock, jam rock, blues rock, and many more.

    Below is the list of some of the albums recorded by Jaclyn Matfus’ husband.

    Release Date Album
    2023 Wide Open Light
    2022 Bloodline Maintenance
    2020 Winter Is for Lovers
    2018 No Mercy in This Land
    2016 Call It What It Is
    2014 Childhood Home
    2013 Get Up!
    2011 Give Till It’s Gone
    2009 White Lies for Dark Times

    Table Source: allmusic

  • Harper is well-known for his public advocacy, live performances, voice, and guitar playing. He has toured all over the world and recorded twelve studio albums, most of which were distributed by Virgin Records.

    4. Harper is a Native of California

    Ben was born Benjamin Charles Harper on October 28, 1969, in Pomona, California, to an African-American father, Leonard Harper, and a Jewish mother, Ellen Harper Verdries. His great-grandmother was a Jew with roots in Russia and Lithuania. Unfortunately, his parents divorced in 1974, and he spent his childhood with his paternal family.

    Jaclyn Matfus' Husband

    Jaclyn Matfus’ Husband. Image Credit: Abby Gillardi.

    The American singer has two siblings: Joel Harper and Peter Harper. Peter is a musician, sculptor, and academic who gained worldwide recognition for his vocals and tenor guitar. He spent most of his musical journey in France and did multiple concerts throughout the French Republic.

    Harper began his musical journey by playing guitar as a child. His maternal grandparents owned a music store named the Folk Music Center and Museum. Some of the stores’ regulars were famous musicians such as Leonard Cohen, David Lindley, John Darniele, and more. This experience laid the initial foundation for his exposure to folk and blues genres.

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    3. Father of Five Children

    Jaclyn Matfus’ husband has been married three times, including his wedding with Jaclyn. From his marriage, the American songwriter has five children: three sons and two daughters.

    First, Ben got married in 1996 to Joanna Harper. He became a father for the first time when his son Charles Harper was born in 1997. Similarly, Ben and Joanna’s second child, a daughter named Harris Harper, was born in 2000. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, and they divorced in 2001.

    Similarly, in the fall of 2000, Harper began a romantic relationship with actress Laura Dern, and they got married in December 2005. They have two children, Ellery Walker and Jaya Walker, born in 2001 and 2004. Like his previous marriage, the couple finalized the divorce in September 2013.

    Finally, the musician married his current wife in 2015 and became a father for the fifth time when Jaclyn gave birth to their son, Besso Harper, in June 2017.

  • 2. Involvement in Philanthropy – Giving Back to the Community

    Ben has been involved in philanthropic works for a long time. Being a successful musician, he must have earned a decent amount of money over the years, and he has been donating some amount to different charities, starting with Little Kids Rock.

    Jaclyn Matfus' Husband

    Jaclyn Matfus’ Husband. Image Credit: Festival Eurockéennes.

    Little Kids Rock is a non-profit organization that was established to restore music education to disadvantaged public schools in the United States. Similarly, Jaclyn Matfus’ husband organizes benefit concerts to support more significant causes, such as New Light India’s Boys Home Project.

    Harper has long supported International Medical Corps‘ global efforts, as has his wife Jaclyn. They helped the organization with its work in California during the COVID-19 outbreak, and Harper recorded a song to raise money for the International Medical Corps’s relief efforts worldwide.

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  • 1. Cult Following and Grammy Awards – Testament of a Great Musician

    With a career spanning over three decades, Jaclyn Matfus’ husband has managed to gain a cult following with a dedicated fan base thanks to his unique, authentic, and soul-stirring music. He is among the most liked and followed musical artists of this generation.

    For his unwavering contribution to the musical industry, Ben has been felicitated with multiple awards, such as the Rolling Stone Award in 2003 for Artist of the Year.

    Similarly, Harper has won Grammy Awards three times for Best Pop Instrumental PerformanceBest Blues Album, and Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album. We hope that he continues winning awards in the future and makes his family proud.


  • Q: Who is Jaclyn Matfus?

    A: Jaclyn Matfus is an actress and social activist.

    Q: What is Jaclyn Matfus’ nationality?

    A: Jacnlyn Matfus is an American.

  • Q: When was Jaclyn Matfus born?

    A: Jaclyn was born in 1984.

    Q: Is Jaclyn Matfus married?

    A: Yes, Jaclyn is married to American musician Ben Harper.

  • Q: Does Jaclyn Matfus have any children?

    A: Yes, Jaclyn has one biological son named Besso Harper and four step-children.


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